Thermocouple Data Loggers with External, Replaceable Probes

T Pyrometers for high

temperatures and various fieldbuses


luke Process Instruments extends its Thermalert 4.0 spot pyrometer series, adding new shortwave

versions and various additional interface options. The compact, extremely robust infrared thermometers

provide noncontact, automatic temperature monitoring. Three new spectral models measuring at wavelengths of 1 µm, 1.6 µm, and 2.3 µm have been primarily designed for high-temperature applications and are particularly suitable for monitoring metal, steel, and glass. The full Thermalert 4.0 lineup covers measuring temperatures between -40 °C and 2300 °C and offers various different spectral models and focus distances. All models are now available with connectivity options for Ethernet, EtherNet/IP, and PROFINET IO, in addition to analog or RS485 interfaces. Voltage can be supplied via Power over Ethernet (PoE). The Thermalert 4.0 series features an outstanding high maximum operating temperature of 85 °C. Users can therefore save costs by setting up many measuring points without cooling.

Fluke Process Instruments  marcom2.emea@

Intelligent Vibration Transmitter


he iT300 transmitter

provides an easy means to connect a standard vibration sensor to a PLC, DCS or SCADA system. The transmitter’s input provides power to and measures the signal from either an accelerometer, piezovelocity sensor or dual output sensor. The input circuitry has a wide frequency response, capable of measuring signals between 0.2 Hz and

20,000 Hz. The transmitter has two independent processing bands with flexible mapping options to two 4- 20mA analog outputs. The channels contain selectable integration, allowing outputs as acceleration or velocity. Selectable band filters and detector types (i.e. RMS, peak) make it easy to tailor the processing to specific machines or applications. The transmitter continually measures and processes both vibration bands, a true peak detector band, a temperature input and the sensor’s bias output voltage.

KDP Electronics Systems  01767 651058  MVK Fusion

…is an opportunity to standardize modular processes, opening the door to a one-module strategy


he PROFINET/PROFIsafe module unites three basic functions of installation technology:

• Standard digital sensors and actuators • Safety digital sensors and actuators • IO-Link

This combination is new and innovative. It enables

unique and groundbreaking automation concepts to be realized. Installation becomes simpler and faster. MVK Fusion makes complex configurations easier

because they can be done entirely by the engineering tool in the safety control system. Software developers and electrical engineers no longer need in-depth knowledge of other manufacturers' tools and manuals. MVK Fusion makes it possible to have fewer fieldbus

modules per unit. Some applications might only require a single module. This opens up new opportunities for many automation applications!

Murrelektronik  0161 72831-33 

sensors by launching the stainless steel ICS08 4 wire in M8 with an operating distance up to 4mm.

The ICS series represent the optimal solution for

industrial automation equipment in applications where space is very limited and where non-contact detection of metal objects in general position-sensing and presence sensing is required such as tool selection, robotic position-sensing and control of micro-mechanisms and are particularly suitable for rotational speed monitoring thanks to the high operating frequency.

The IP67 rated ICS family provides excellent protection

against water and humidity penetration. Available in robust stainless-steel housing in either short or long housing, flush or non-flush, M8 plug or cable output, PNP or NPN, both models having built in NO + NC option.

Carlo Gavazzi  01276 854110 

Automation | November 2019 45

ICS08 4 wire DC inductive sensor C

arlo Gavazzi continues to extend their product offering of high-performance proximity inductive

Lascar have announced the launch of two new additions to the successful EL-MOTE WiFi data logger

range. The EL-MOTE-TC and EL-MOTE-DTC are single, and dual channel, remote temperature data loggers. These loggers boast a wide temperature measurement range due to their smart, external probes (EL-SP-TC). These probes can accept any standard J, K or T type thermocouples and can be supplied pre-calibrated. They are designed to be easy to detach for re-calibration without removing the logger itself from its environment. Both these loggers are ideal for monitoring in

locations that are difficult or inhospitable to the data logger itself, and where a wide temperature range needs to be measured. In removing the need for human intervention, the EL-MOTE family is automating and simplifying data collection. EL-MOTE sensors operate with the EasyLog Cloud service, an inexpensive monitoring solution that enables users to monitor and manage any scale of system.

Lascar Electronics  01794 884567 


Relay Modules for easier system debug!

use failure indication makes plant maintenance quicker ensuring the customer can get, up and

working again with minimum delay. Colter Products are offering a NEW range of ‘off the

Shelf’ Din rail mounting relay modules that offer fuse failure indication for each relay output.

The modules use the Bussmann mechanical fuse

failure indication on each circuit to provide an alarm signal which can be connected to a PLC which in turn can flag an alarm on a SCADA system directing maintenance to an identifiable individual relay.

The modules are particularly useful in large control

systems. 1,4,8 &16 channel relay modules are available as shown in the photograph. Relay Coil voltages are typically 24Vdc but 12 & 48Vdc are also offered.

Colter Products Ltd.  01371 876887 

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