World's most powerful synchronous drum motor

The motor has an output of up to 1.1kW, torque up to 100Nm and allows for belt speeds up to 3.34m/s.

A Martindale’s new proving units

verify safety and calibration in one N

ow available from Martindale Electric – one of the most trusted brands in electrical safety – are the latest PDS

and PDSX Series of proving units. Smaller, lighter and with new options for calibration checking test equipment, Martindale’s next generation PDSX proving units, enable contractors and maintenance teams to safely and simply prove the operation of voltage indicators, two pole testers and test lamps plus common 18th Edition tester functions. The PDSX Series includes an additional CALCHECK

feature for verifying the calibration consistency of multifunction installation testers providing confidence in the performance of all essential test equipment before and after measurement. CALCHECK makes it easy to verify the insulation and

low resistance ranges on 18th testers on-site, making it ideal for identifying potential calibration issues with test equipment prior to certifying a new wiring installation or carrying out a condition report.

Martindale Electric  01923 441717 

The construction of the motor means that they

display a performance loss of just 9%, as an internal planetary gear made from hardened steel transfers 92 to 95% of the available power, directly to the relevant conveyor system, reducing the energy requirement when compared to alternative drives.

The compact motors work at low operating

temperatures and have high start-stop potential for conveyor systems in industrial sectors such as food processing, the packaging industry and dynamic weighing technology, as well as other logistics applications.

Managing director, Dr Hauke Tiedemann, said: “Our

drum motors help system integrators implement high- performance, energy-efficient and compact conveyor solutions.”

Interroll 

20% less, has a 10% smaller footprint, and will cut cycle times by 35% compared to previous models, thus boosting productivity. It also offers “best-in-class repeatable accuracy”.

A The robot, designed for fast, accurate assembly of

small parts, is available in two variants: one with a 4kg payload and a 475mm reach; the other with a 4kg payload and a 580mm reach. It is aimed, in particular, at manufacturers in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and electronics sectors, that need to handle small and often delicate parts, while working at speed and maintaining both high productivity and quality. ABB plans to certify the new robot for cleanroom applications in the future.


Kistler NCFE

delivers cost effective simple joining processes


he new Kistler NCFE servopress solution is specifically designed for simple joining processes to

deliver a cost-effective alternative to conventional pneumatic or hydraulic systems. Compared to hydraulic or pneumatic units, the NCFE module offers impressively low energy consumption, simple handling and fast commissioning for applications in the measuring range from 10 to 80 kN. The NCFE module is a cost-effective, off the shelf

Radar : the better ultrasonic! Next generation compact radar level sensors

look destined to change level measurement in the water and wastewater industries N

ew 80 GHz radar level sensors dedicated for the water and environmental sectors has been launched

by VEGA. These 80 GHz-based sensors are priced to meet the commercial needs and applications in the sector with no compromise in capability. They use precision focusing to deliver accurate, reliable measurements, regardless of internal structures or prevailing conditions, such as temperature, weather, fouling and they have no blocking distance. This sensor is small sized and loop-powered – available

as a compact fixed (IP68) cable connection or with a housing and display. The FMCW-based VEGAPULS 80GHz instrument series has LPR approval and can measure liquids or solids up to 30m with fast start up for battery

44 November 2019 | Automation

power (SDI12 and Modbus). The range has optional new VEGAMET 800 series field controllers for level, flow and pump control. All sensors and controllers can be adjusted and viewed

via Bluetooth with a free App on smartphone or tablet, to make setup and diagnostics easier, safer and faster, especially in harsh environments or in hazardous areas. Find out more and book a demonstration or trial at :

VEGA  01444 870055  

joining system using integrated sensor technology that gives users the benefit of complete end-to-end monitoring and control of the entire joining process. Installation and handling are made much simpler allowing custom systems which deliver low energy consumption and flexibility.

The NCFE module offers

significantly greater efficiency than hydraulic and pneumatic joining processes delivering savings of about 77% compared to hydraulic and about 90% to pneumatic processes. Further cost savings accrue from the minimal maintenance needs of the NCFE system and 100% quality control in real time virtually eliminating rejects during production.

Kistler  01256 741550 

utomation firm Interroll has launched a powerful synchronous drum motor for belt conveyor systems.

ABB's smallest

six-axis robot promises 35% faster cycle times

BB has announced its smallest, lightest robot to date. It says that the new IRB 1100 machine weighs

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