Eisele MULTILINE E for power all the way to the application Modular kit system for multiple connectors now has a new electrical connector


he MULTILINE E from Eisele has earned a reputation over the years as a robust and practical multiple and multi- media connector for connecting functional groups to robots and machines. Now, the German-based specialist for

high-quality industrial connection solutions presents an additional M12 power plug for providing electrical power with the MULTILINE E.

Eisele introduces an additional M12 power plug for the MULTILINE E modular kit system. The high-performance M12

connector, which features 5 pins and L-coding, is designed for applications requiring high power density in a compact space. The modular system for combining compressed air, vacuum, gases, coolants, liquids, electrical and electronic signals in one connector body therefore now includes a new insert for voltages up to 63 V AC/DC. Designed for up to 16 A per pin the connector is shock-resistant and vibration-proof, as well as reverse polarity protected and non-twisting.

High power density in a compact space

The AC/DC power plug is used for the reliable supply of power to high-power devices, such as linear drives and step motors, or as a power line for field bus modules. FKM seals and PUR extrusion enable use of the connector in all industrial applications up to protection class IP67. A nickel-plated cast zinc threaded connection prevents the connector from accidentally opening.

Eisele Pneumatics GmbH & Co. KG is a

multinational family owned company with headquarters in Waiblingen, Germany. With 170 employees, Eisele develops, produces and distributes premium quality solid metal connectors and has become established over the past decades as a leading supplier of innovative connection solutions

Eisele 

High Performance Inclinometer


Robotic Hyster® lift trucks for the automotive supply chain


ew self-drive lift truck solutions from Hyster Europe will enable the automotive supply chain to introduce

“affordable automation” for repetitive handling tasks. Intelligent Hyster® trucks can help support Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, through reliable consistency, with the flexibility of manual use to perform additional tasks and support the “unexpected”. “Repetitive lift truck tasks can be unnecessarily

expensive,” says Tracy Brooks, Industry Solutions Group Manager for Hyster Europe. “The automotive industry has been adopting automated technologies in its factories to keep the busy production lines running smoothly, while driving down cost.” Hyster ‘Driven by Balyo’ technology uses reliable

Hyster® lift trucks with the addition of robotic control systems to help improve accuracy, efficiency and reduce damage. The automation hardware and software neatly interfaces with the truck’s electronic systems allowing them to be used manually when required.

Hyster Europe  01276 538500

he SST20 is a cost effective, high stability inclinometer utilising advanced MEMS sensor

technology to ensure maximum reliability in the harshest environment. The SST20 is also very flexible in the choice of configuration, i.e. measurement range, data output options, temperature compensation, housings and functionality. Typically, ranges from ± 5° to ± 90° in both single and dual axis versions with data output formats that include, voltage, current (4-20mA), RS232/485, CAN, USB and Wi-Fi.

With a range of accessories to match, the SST20 is

ideal for applications such as construction machinery, vehicle monitoring, radar and antenna positioning and solar panel monitoring.

KDP Electronics Systems  01767 651058 

T OEM Automatic secures

partnership agreement with AGRO AG


EM Automatic, the country’s leading supplier of components for industrial automation, is proud to

announce a partnership agreement with the Swiss company, AGRO AG. This unique partnership opens up a new area of business for OEM, enabling the company to represent the wide range of AGRO cable glands in the UK. AGRO boasts more than 60 years of technical

expertise. In 1955 the company achieved the first ever patent for a cable gland product and is now a market leader in cable gland manufacture supplying the renewable energy market, shipyards, oil refineries and food processing industries. AGRO specialises in offering cable gland solutions for

electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) applications, condensation prevention, fire and electromagnetic wave disturbances. They are also renowned for providing quality, quick response turnarounds for high temperature and heavy duty applications.

OEM Automatic  0116 284 9900 

Harnessing Industry 4.0 to Create a ‘Smart Factory’

he rise of automation and machinery capable of talking to one another has led many experts to

proclaim that we are in the age of the fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), with the potential to change not only manufacturing but the world. These Industrial Revolutions appear to be happening

at an ever-increasing rate due to rapid technological advancements. Meaning it is crucial for factories to stay ahead of

these advancements as each passing Industrial Revolution has offered vast opportunities for factories to improve their efficiency and product quality, whilst increasing output by utilising new, innovative methods. The fourth Industrial Revolution is no different, as it

uses big data and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) to allow machinery integration that enables the machines to independently optimise each part of the process for ever-faster production. Find out how your factory can benefit from Industry 4.0 in our free guide .

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