REVIEW OF THE YEAR Addition to the KABELSCHLEPP Metool range

Special cable systems for cleanrooms: Cleanveyor and Flatveyor

W Ultra slim permanent magnet brake

Magnet Brake. The client, who has applications such as servo motors and cobots, based in Asia with locations across the world, has worked with SG Transmission for a number of years.

S Adam Russell, the lead design engineer on the

project said: “This is our sixth brake we have designed and manufactured for this successful blue chip electronics Company since we began working with them four years ago.”

SG Transmission customises electromagnetic clutches, brakes and magnets to meet the customer requirements.

SG Transmission  01388 770 360 

IBASE Releases New Wide-Temperature COM Express Modules I

BASE Technology, a manufacturer of application specific industrial embedded computing platforms, introduces its latest COM Express Type 10 (ET875) and Type 6 (ET870) COM Express Modules based on the Intel® Atom™ processor

E3900 series, Intel® Pentium® processor N4200 and Intel® Celeron® processor N3350. Designed for the needs of IoT embedded applications including gaming, ATM/POS, medical imaging, and industrial

control, these highly scalable mini modules combine powerful graphics performance and energy-efficient computing power to effortlessly handle various tasks. The ET875 and ET870 have a wide-temperature operating range from -40°C to +85°C and long-term availability, while supporting two serial ports, four high-speed PCI-e Gen2 lanes and TPM 2.0 for data encryption management.

Measuring 84mm by 55mm, the new ET875 is equipped with the Intel® Gen 9-LP SoC-integrated HD graphics with 18

execution units and supports two independent displays - 1x DD and 1x LVDS or 1x eDP and eMMC storage option (up to 32GB). Its interfaces comprise two USB 3.0/3.1, eight USB 2.0, and two SATA III (via IP417 carrier board). The compact ET870 (95mm x 95mm), on the other hand, has three USB 3.0, four USB 2.0 and two SATA III (via IP419 carrier board). It features the Intel Gen 9 SoC-integrated HD graphics, and two display interfaces - 2x DDI and 1x 24-bit dual-channel LVDS or eDP.

IBASE Technology  01438 846 090

W   Wieland's Samos® Plan 6

minimises time, effort and mistakes whilst boosting efficiency

ieland Electric’s samos® PLAN 6 project planning tool is an extremely user friendly programming

software with the option of automatic or manual configuration. samos® PLAN 6 works in conjunction with samosPRO COMPACT programmable safety controller, a compact safety solution that offers all of the benefits associated with much larger and much more complex units. Measuring only 45mm in width, samosPRO COMPACT provides up to 20 safe inputs and 8 safe outputs utilising 4 switchable safe in-/outputs, the system can be extended with additional modules to as many as 116 secure inputs and 56 secure outputs and any number in between. samosPRO COMPACT PLUS version offers enhanced features such as safe monitoring of motors, drives and shafts. Thanks to the multi-screen feature, you can see many

pages at once or work with many displays, dock, undock or attach working windows in samos® PLAN 6 or detach each window from the main window.

Wieland Electric  01483 531213 

42 November 2019 | Automation

G Transmission has supplied a robotics manufacturer with a new Ø56 diameter x 24.5mm Permanent

ith Cleanveyor and Flatveyor, KABELSCHLEPP Metool offers two innovative systems which were specially

designed for cleanrooms with the highest cleanroom classifications. Cables and hoses are guided in flexible, yet robust sheathing. This design is not only particularly lightweight, quiet and space saving, but also ensures little to no abrasion. The Flatveyor is a flat cable system as per ISO

cleanroom class 2, with internal support elements to allow travel lengths of up to 3 meters and speeds of up to 2 meters per second. The support elements act as reliable guides which can be moved in one direction along the intended bending radius, whereby the cables and hoses are guided reliably. For smooth running, the system moves along the minimum bending radius of the cables, whereby a small pitch reduces noise and vibrations during operation.


Easy customization of cabling ducts

VK-S cutter allows for shortening up to 125 mm wide standard or halogen-free cabling ducts to the required length. Cuts are clean, without burrs, and with the exact required angle. This tool can be installed at a workbench. VK-AKZ notching pliers are made for breaking out


sections of the side walls cleanly and completely all the way down to the base of the cabling duct. Expanding rivets can be processed safely and quickly using the SN- SW setting tool. Featuring a long shaft, it facilitates setting rivets in deep channels or in other difficult-to- access positions. CONTA-CLIP supplies VK cabling ducts with a length of two meters. These ducts made of rigid PVC are notable for their excellent form stability.


ONTA-CLIP provides all necessary tools for customizing its UL- and VDE-certified VK series cabling ducts. The

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