INDUSTRY UPDATE Hanover debut for BOGE’s

Anniversary Edition S-4 screw compressor

VESA or universal mount for

connecting monitors, displays or control panels


onitors, touch screens, displays and control panels are used every day. Industrial machines and systems

are programmed or performance data displayed on modern touch screens or control panels.

On conveyors, monitors make it possible to monitor

and visualise all sorts of processes. Today, control panels or flat screens are often an essential component of modern assembly workstations.

The RK monitor mounting is designed for monitors,

control panels and touch screens up to 25 kg and offers many degrees of freedom. The screen can be turned, tilted and swivelled and – if fixed to a round or square tube system – also height-adjusted. No tools required! All degrees of freedom can be adjusted separately via lever/handwheel bolts. With tilt-adjustment in 15° increments and vibration-proof locking.

RK Rose+Krieger  01296 611660 

manufacturing by unveiling two new screw compressors, including a special 111th Anniversary Edition of our S-4 machine. This year marks our 111th anniversary and we plan to


celebrate this in style by unveiling a special Anniversary Edition of our popular S-Series screw compressors at the Hanover Fair (April 1-5, 2019). Mark Whitmore, General Manager at BOGE UK

comments: “Hanover provides a great showcase for our products and technologies and this year’s exhibit is possibly our best ever. With new products, including our stand blockbuster, the S-4 Anniversary Edition, S 111-4, and some fine examples of our Industry 4.0 related work that really push the boundaries of remote human- machine communication.” Visitors are warmly invited to meet the BOGE team at the Hanover Trade Fair in Hall 26, Stand B56.

BOGE Compressors Ltd.  01484 719921 

t the Hanover Fair this year, we will be celebrating 111 years of engineering innovation and high-quality

IECEx-certified processing units

for intrinsically safe EGE sensors E

GE now offers IECEx-certified signal processing units for the growing range IECEx-approved two-wire

sensors. The certification greatly facilitates exporting the intrinsically safe sensors to many countries around the world – machine manufacturers and plant engineers can now use them in applications where they were previously barred or had to be specially certified in a tedious process. The type IKMb 122 Ex

signal processing units connect to intrinsically safe EGE two-wire sensors for hazardous gas and dust atmospheres. They feature a space-saving, 22 mm wide DIN rail housing and are installed outside the hazardous area. Green, yellow, and red LEDs on the front side indicate the operating status and signal alarms, if the integrated cable breakage detection or the short-circuit monitoring is triggered. The output can be set as normally closed or normally open.

EGE  

Industrial cameras with fast interfaces T

he 16 new compact industrial cameras (BVS CA) in the Smart Vision Solutions line from Balluff give you great flexibility in image recording and high transmission speed of image information for mastering even highly complex

inspection tasks. They are available with a monochrome or colour image sensor and for fast data transmission with optional GigE-Vision

or USB3-Vision interface. Programming is according to the GEN<i>CAM-standard (Generic Interface for Cameras). These compact cameras can be efficiently used in either of two ways. Either by access using common image editing

software together with a separate industrial PC for data processing, or using the external SmartController from Balluff that runs the proven Balluff BVS-Cockpit software. With these industrial cameras the user benefits not only from perfectly resolved and tack sharp images, but also from a very high data transmission rate.

The data results are passed from the controller via a freely definable interface to the control system through the

standard interfaces TCP/IP, TCP UDP or PROFINET. A clever interface concept ensures correct addressing and distribution of the information: if needed, with just the click of a mouse the process network - the heart of any automation company - gets only the most important information, whereas data and images, e.g. for quality services, find their way over a fast Gigabit Ethernet network. The web-based product access enables remote access even from distant production facilities.

Balluff  

Power distribution to field sensors and other sub circuits, with built in Alarm for easy Maintenance


he DRT-8AF 24V power distribution, fuse blown alarm indicating module is a DIN rail mounting module, that

allows users up to 2 groups of 4 fused supply outlets. Each fused channel has an alarm isolating link and can handle up to 5A, however a maximum total of only 32A max is allowed for the module. A 10ch version FSC960 and a 6ch version FSC1027 without isolating links are also available.

Bussmann GMT fuse blown indicating Fuses are

available in 18 different ratings should a fuse blow then a common module alarm signal is generated that can be connected to a Supervisory system allowing maintenance engineers to be quickly informed of the problem and the location.

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