Control cabinets for 5G mobile communication

the introduction of the 5G standard drastically increases data rates, promising an even higher usability potential of wireless communication, FIBOX ARCA wall-mounted enclosures offer optimal protection for radio modems and other telecommunications devices. The control cabinets made of glass-fiber reinforced polycarbonate are extremely robust and low-maintenance. They let radio waves pass through unhindered so that no special measures are necessary when integrating Wi-Fi or other radio applications – devices can simply be installed inside the housing, without openings for antennas. This eliminates the need for machining and sealing enclosures just to feed through antennas. The absence of external antennas reduces the risk of damage due to mechanical impacts such as by vandalism or during transport. Since current EMC device standards no longer require overall shielding of the electronics in control cabinets, the once weighty argument for metal cabinets is now obsolete.



s interconnection of industrial plants and equipment becomes ever more important and more common, and

Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) exhibition, being held at the London ExCel centre from 10th-13th September 2019. Of the many products on show will be the Groups’ industry leading M Series High Power range of miniature high density ratchet-locking circular connectors, which offer customers, space and weight saving benefits without compromising performance, reliability or functionality. This exceptional product is ideally suited for equipment used in


harsh environments, where space or weight are at a premium and reliability is a prerequisite with applications including Soldier Equipment, Rugged Displays, Communication Equipment, Vehicle Electronics, Avionics and, in addition, general Controls and Sensors. The capability of a dedicated Cable Assembly facility in the UK will also be highlighted. The LEMO team will be available on Stand S8-130 to welcome customers – both existing and potential – with a view to offer technical advice and problem-solving expertise.

LEMO (UK) LTD 01903 234543  Stand No. S8-130 Swiss Pavilion

Mouser Electronics Now Stocking Broad Portfolio of Xilinx Products


ouser Electronics, Inc. today announces a new global distribution agreement with Xilinx, Inc., the leader in adaptive and intelligent

computing, to stock one of the industry’s broadest portfolios of Xilinx products, including digital downloads of development software and IP. Xilinx is the inventor of the FPGA, hardware programmable system-on-chips (SoCs) and the adaptive compute acceleration platform (ACAP), designed to deliver the most dynamic processor technology in the industry and enable the adaptable, intelligent and connected world of the future. Mouser is stocking the full breadth of Xilinx products, including Zynq SoCs and

MPSoCs, plus ACAPS, FPGAs, 3D ICs, RFSoCs, accelerator cards, evaluation boards, system on modules, FPGA mezzanine cards, embedded development platforms, and more to help expedite the design process. For more information about Xilinx and to view the entire Xilinx product line now available from Mouser Electronics, visit

Mouser Electronics E-Bike Sensor from ZF

transport on our roads. The growing sales figures and increasing market share highlight their importance within the biking industry. E-Bike manufacturers are continually launching new innovations and technical advancements, such as manufacturer TQ-Systems who have initiated and established the market sector for premium class E-Bikes. They have technically revolutionized the market with its TQ HPR120S-Motor. An important component is the E-Bike sensor from ZF used for the measurement of the current riding speed. For premium E-Bikes, all components must be qualitatively and functionally at their finest, from the drive to the battery and wiring. This is also valid for the speed sensor from ZF that in the TQ application delivers 18 pulses per rotation with 18-fold coding. This results in a much higher resolution as with standard sensors which in practice leads to a finer, more direct appeal of the E-Bike drive – especially at lower speed (e.g. for hill starts). The speed sensor mounted on the back wheel provides the system with precise information on the current speed. In combination with a torque sensor it enables a better alignment of the overall system. In addition, the ZF sensor is tamper-resistant and always submits precise results.


The E-Bike sensor is developed based on Hall technology and allows the customer to decide if the sensor should have a connector or a cable. The sensors need a continuous power supply of 4.5 – 20 VDC and measures frequencies between 1 and 2,500 Hz. They are designed for a temperature range from -20°C to +100°C and fulfill the requirements of IP67.

Originally, the ZF sensor has been developed for ABS applications. In addition to E-bikes, E-scooters are also a typical target market for the small and efficient sensor.

For further information on ZF’s sensor portfolio, please click here: ZF Switches & Sensors


uerbach. E-Bikes are becoming a more commonplace form of

Lattice sensAI Receives Its Fourth Award in 2019 at Electronics Industry Awards

solutions stack has been named winner of the Internet of Things Product of the Year at the Electronics Industry Awards held in London, UK. This marks the fourth industry award that Lattice sensAI has received in 2019.


Lattice sensAI is a complete technology stack that combines modular FPGA development kits, neural network IP cores, software tools, reference designs and custom design services to accelerate the integration of flexible machine learning inferencing into fast-growth industrial, automotive and consumer IoT applications, including smart home, smart city, smart factory and smart car products.

Lattice sensAI enables rapid implementation of Edge computing into IoT applications close to the source of sensor data. Optimized for ultra-low power consumption, and boasting both small package size and interface flexibility, sensAI offers a seamless user experience and support for new neural network models, machine learning frameworks, and faster design cycles in its latest release.

Lattice Semiconductor  503-268-8512 


attice Semiconductor Corporation, the low power programmable leader, announced that its sensAI™

 (817) 804-3800 

EMO will be highlighting an extensive range of its state-of-the-art cables and standard off-the-shelf rugged multi-pin pull push connectors at this year’s

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