A TOUGH MARKET How to choose

your ideal enclosure

CamdenBoss’ X series intends to offer strength and solidarity in an already crowded enclosures market


he electronics industry is estimated to be worth $7.9 billion by 2023; the range of enclosures on offer is growing to meet the increasingly diverse demands of IoT and Industry 4.0 systems. Some industries have created

standardised housing styles, such as 19 inch rack enclosures. Most rack cabinet systems are built around the industry specific ‘U’ heights standard and, therefore, this enclosure series has remained relatively untouched. Consequently, legacy type enclosures are just as important as inventing new units. Consider a few different parameters when selecting the type of enclosure and specification required.

THE BUILD The enclosure material is the physical barrier between the PCB and the outside world. Plastic enclosures are considerably more lightweight than diecast aluminium housings. They can be more cost effective and are easy to

customise, whilst maintaining a good level of resistance against impact and deterioration from UV rays. Diecast aluminium enclosures are rugged and offer substantial protection against impact, vibration and corrosion. The heavy-duty construction provides an ideal housing for electronics, situated in warehouse environments, or in areas where oil and petroleum are present. Sheet metal enclosures offer appropriate housing for desktop instruments and measuring equipment. They can be easily machined for interconnectivity, or to offer ventilation. Extruded aluminium cases have the advantage of being available in custom cut lengths, with set height and widths. Heat-sink fins can be extruded into the case profile, allowing heat transfer without the need to cut vents, and thus maintaining any relevant IP ratings. The introduction of connectivity through wireless electronic systems has created a demand for higher IP rated enclosures.

A SOLUTION The latest X series range of heavy- duty enclosures from CamdenBoss are available in both an ABS and polycarbonate material, with either a clear or solid lid option. Both materials have been tested to withstand impact up to IK08, and offer a high level of protection to the electronics housed within. Ingress protection should be considered, depending on environment and the level of dust and water resistance required. Over-specifying can be more costly, whilst under-specifying can lead to the underperformance of the enclosure within its environment. The X series range of enclosures are compliant to IP67 certification. Part of this range, the X8, ensures your internal electronics remain dry and protected from dust and dirt. A foam gasket becomes pressured once the lid is in place and secure, keeping out the elements. Ideally suited to DIN Rail mounted components, they are a flexible solution for machine to machine controls, human interface equipment, or panel built electrical systems in industrial settings. Clear lids are available in hinged and locking formats, providing rugged and hardwearing protection to your equipment. The dual door accessory is designed to allow components such as buttons, displays and switches to be mounted directly onto the internal door. Making the right choice of enclosure at the design stage can help the effectiveness and functionality of your product. Be sure to make use of your chosen manufacturer’s custom services to deliver a final product that’s best suited to your application: resistant and effective within its environment.

CamdenBoss Tel: +44 (0)1638 716 101


CL Enclosures is off ering a customisation service for ABS enclosures. The process of obtaining samples is very quick and simple: with a basic outline of their application and its measurements, companies will receive a number of free samples to test their structural integrity and durability.

Recent examples of successful customisation projects include modifi cations to BCL’s general purpose enclosure model AB910W,


for a manufacturer of conservatory blinds, and modifi cations to three diff erent enclosure models for a long-standing customer of over 15 years’, specialising in odour control and removal technology. The latter involves three diff erent-shaped apertures on the multipurpose lidded enclosure MB4, multiple holes on another MB4 model, and modifi cations of four holes at one end, at the opposite end, and in the base of the model AB910W.

“We have many customers using our customisation service on an ongoing basis. This is evidenced by the volume of repeat business we handle,” says Mandy Thompson, sales manager at BCL Enclosures: “We take care to get the samples right, to invest the time upfront to get the right result.”

BCL Enclosures Tel: +44 (0)1423 879 787


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