OUT OF THIS WORLD – INNOVATION AND SPACE HUBS Listening is all well and good, but the chance to get involved in the chat comes with the two exhibition hubs set up at DSEI this year: the Innovation and Space Hubs. Starting with the Innovation Hub, one will find more reasons to believe that the ‘continuous evolution’ will maintain its steady course. A stage on which to promote forward-facing technologies, companies such as ESROE and HAELO will look to eliminate concerns that major innovations were a thing of the past: ESROE’s MicroESM, a military sensor searching to enable the passive detection and identification of military and civilian radar signals, is one such technology, highlighting the targets that remain malnourished from novelty and modernisation. Joe Roe, CEO of ESROE, had this to say about the Innovation Hub: “The Innovation Hub provides us, as a micro SME, with a cost-effective way of making the most of DSEI to showcase our technology. We will be exhibiting our production system for the first time, and we believe that DSEI will give us a worldwide audience.” Looking to the stars feels like a

Words by Christian Lynn, editor of Electronics E

verywhere you look, whatever you see, an electronic component or application will have some influence over it, or have some say in how it operates. The military is an all-encompassing example, a conservative entity that has opened its bay doors to the digital world. The Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI) event, celebrating its twentieth year, looks to lead you through these doors, to peruse all of the latest military grade electronics, from all of the relative domains: aerospace, land, naval and security.

CONFERENCES ARE CALLING Taking place at the ExCel centre in London, DSEI is going big, covering all of the key topics and concerns. Its biggest attraction – DSEI’s detailed conferences – aim to deliver on this promise, with the Royal Air Force, British Army and Royal Navy all in attendance, looking towards the horizon of global defence and military hardware/software. The Royal Navy, for example, are looking to focus on their modernised electronics: the implications of artificial intelligence, the use of computing for an operational advantage and a growing emphasis on autonomy, as the Navy sets its course towards expansion. Admiral Sir Philip Jones admits that to “remain credible and maintain our competitive edge, we must continue to embrace


new technology, both in the future platform we are building and by future- proofing the platforms we already have in service.” The RAF, on the other hand, is looking above and beyond in its preparations for the sixth-generation. A ‘continuous evolution’ is the expression on the airwaves, as DSEI sees the RAF revealing their stealth fighter aircraft. And with an emphasis on cyber, defence and space capabilities, terra firma isn’t looking like the firm focus of this technological evolution.


While the Royal forces are hoping to mark a wider territory at the event, DSEI is also covering the bases on a more personal basis, with seminars on subjects ranging from the vast, ‘Space: Coalition Warfighting’, to the miniscule – the digital – on ‘Cyber Defence and Security’. Leading keynote speakers include General Patrick Sanders CBE DSO ADC and Major General Matt Holmes DSO, demonstrative of DSEI’s keenness to represent the branches of the military with qualified agents, best equipped to outline the core, sectoral developments. From these, attendees will be kitted with the relevant knowledge on how far technology has come in its military/ security application.

tired cliché in terms of electronics development. And yet, the Space Hub intends to keep the astral dream alive, offering exhibitors and distributors a stand on which to display the relevant electronics. The space sector’s UK income currently stands at £14.8 billion: with such a concrete investment, DSEI intends to deliver the evidence of this deal’s worth. One company that intends to eclipse the marketplace is Teledyne e2v, the components and subsystems specialist. With their dedicated aerospace offerings, like the various sensors at play in key Earth observation programmes, Teledyne hopes that DSEI can guarantee an audience that’ll continue to promote and invest in this kind of advanced research equipment: “DSEI is now able to attract a wider group of delegates with a space focus. This new hub provides an exciting opportunity for those with a space interest.” says Mark Bown, marketing manager, Teledyne e2v. With conferences, seminars and exhibitions from specialist companies such as Teledyne e2v, ESROE and HAELO, DSEI has all of the relevant formats covered: both general and interpersonal, the event promises to deliver a detailed, encouraging revision session on everything happening within the military and its relevant branches.

DSEI Tel: +44 (0) 20 7384 7770 / ELECTRONICS

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