Spelsberg’s fire protection enclosures contribute to the safety of Limbecker Platz mall


n the event of fire in large, crowded shopping centres, the safety and well-being of anyone inside relies on emergency systems operating for long enough for people to escape. Limbecker Platz, one of the largest shopping centres in Germany, chose Spelsberg’s WKE enclosures to provide adequate fire safety protection to vital circuitry that can save lives in the event of fire. While fire prevention plans have greatly contributed to minimise the likelihood of

a fire happening in public buildings such as airports, hospitals and shops, the risk cannot be completely eliminated. The percentage of fires in the UK’s shopping centres accounts for 1.7% of the country’s retail fires, which are estimated to be 10.5% of all large loss fires in the UK, according to the Fire Protection Association and the RISCAuthority Large Loss Fire database. The data provided also indicates that the likelihood of fires in malls is equally distributed throughout the day, i.e. the event has the same probability of occurring during a shopping centre’s opening or closing times. Therefore, fire safety is essential and should be supported at all times. In

particular, the electrical equipment that supports emergency systems must be adequately protected in the event of fire. In fact, in the event of a fire, electrical systems such as lighting, ventilation, smoke extraction and suppression are vital for saving lives. These systems must be protected from the force of the fire and remain operational long enough for thousands of people to be safely evacuated and for firefighters to extinguish the fire. A shopping centre that has been successful in implementing state-of-the-art fire

safety equipment is Limbecker Platz. Built in 2008 and located in Essen, Germany, the mall contains more than 140 retail shops and 25 restaurants across its 70,000 m2 of floor area. With a daily foot traffic of over 50,000 people, the mall requires the highest standards of management to ensure that risks, including fires, are anticipated and covered. A winning product for fire safety The boxes, which can be customised in order to address specific customer

requirements, are made of Duroplast, which is an extremely robust, halogen-free, fibre-reinforced, thermosetting plastic. When heated, the material becomes irreversibly rigid - instead of melting - and offers low smoke emissions. The WKE solution is therefore heat and fire resistant. In addition, the junction boxes prevent the penetration of foreign objects and offer further durability in conditions of extreme heat by means of pre-fitted ceramic terminals as standard. Spelsberg’s products are all tested and certified according to the VDE and the

Material Testing Institute (MPA). The company’s in-house laboratory can carry out VDE-compliant testing for certifications. The facilities are subject to an annual system audit by VDE to confirm adherence to the required specification.

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