Straight off the Mark Arrk Engineering

that offers both time and money savings D

uring the concept development and testing phase, prototypes and test

components, which have to be developed systems typically require electronic

single use. This generates high costs and and manufactured especially for this

delays product launch. The costly initial the extensive amount of time required

changes at short notice. This is a serious phase rules out a rapid response to

disadvantage, particularly for the fast-

accelerate this step in the process while paced automotive industry. In order to

simultaneously creating space for the

chosen a different path: Numerous use service provider ARRK Engineering has flexibility required, the development

cases were used to identify frequently requested functions and develop the

control device concept, the company’s relevant components for a modular

device concept, Arrk Engineering chose While developing the new control Build Rapid System (BuildRS).

pragmatic: “After the platform concept an approach as systematic as it was

our modular control device platformwas was established, a new component for

developed for all subsequent proj ojects

previously been necessary,” Zarko Tomic, requiring a function, which had not

team leader for software development at the company recalls. Thus, in the course of the past year, the idea has given rise

which has continued to grow, much like to a comprehensive modular system,

the customer requirements conveyed throughout the course of numerous proj

refer to a pool of functions for different ojects. Meanwhile, the company can

possible applications, such as digital or analogue inputs and outputs, engine control and Bluetooth or wireless

 developed further.

COMPACT MODULAR SOLUTION The systemcomprises two circuit boards,

unit specifies the actual function of the point for the unit, whilst the peripheral devices via CAN and forms the starting the controller board connects to other

control device. “If, for example, it is

analogue inputs or fromone sensor to necessary to switch fromdigital to

another due to a change in customer requirements, we only have to change the peripheral board,” explains the team leader. “The customer benefits from the quick response time, lower costs and increased systemstability.” There are two options for fitting the boards together: They can be arranged next to each other for easier access to all

components, or stacked neatly on top of one another to make the systemless vulnerable to external influences. Depending on customer requirements, other connections are possible in addition to CAN by means of an

additional module, such as LIN, Bluetooth or wireless network.

The software architecture for the BuildRS platformis also modular: “The software and hardware have a constantly growing portfolio of possible functions, which correspond to the functionality of the peripheral board,” explains Tomic. The systemcan be configured or reprogrammed via the CAN interface.

this is a matter of in-house development no need for complete reprogramming. As reconfiguration is required and there is function change, often only software This implies that, in the event of a

  

Mercury has become an approved suppl er to the Automotive industrtive industry, 

Mercury has become an appr 

Automot ive Industry Approval for Mercury ed supplier ti

  to longevity and ruggedness as well as design innovation in the taxing automotive component environment.

Mercury Europe provides sales, customer service, engineering expertise and market promotion in the Europe-wide market for quartz crystal product.

t: +44 (0)1460 230010 f: +44 (0)1460 230011 Figure 1:

measuring instruments Control units for

and test systems are created within a very short time and at low cost. One example is a treadle measuring device for determining treadle stroke and force

the company has full access to the

source code. In this way, it is possible for both hardware and software to be adapted to customer requirements quickly and effectively at any time, ensuring that hardware is utilised to its full potential.


But the BuildRS also offers advantages for budget and time-planning as part of workstations during concept testing because, unlike in other cases, it is not necessary to device. At th

platform for concept and small batch development, delivers modular control device

bus systems. The portfolio is consistently transmission, and numerous supported

e same time, it can be more develop a new control

freely adjusted by the customer, unlike standard units, giving themthe option of using the BuildRS multiple times. “Since the individual peripheral boards are replaceable and can be switched easily, it is quick and comparably affordable to purchase new functions. The new board can be started up via the CAN connection using the modular basic software, which is installed in the controller board. In this way, the use adjust the fu

nction of the control unit r is able to independently

and integrate it into the workstation.

prototypes a BuildRS can

nd small batches. This allows be used for all types of

development costs to be drastically reduced per terminal”, Tomic concludes.

Arrk Engineering e:

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