mbic Equipment is using customised enclosures from Spelsberg UK to house its latest dosing and dilutions system, the EasiDoser. The enclosures, which are certified for installation in ammonia rich agricultural applications, have been provided with CNC machined entry points and custom mounting plates to speed up the manufacturing process. Rajesh Shah, RFE product manager at

Ambic specifies custom enclosures for dairy farming hygiene applications A

enclosures supplier we can trust, so often the first call we make is to their sales engineers.” The EasiDoser

Ambic, explains: “When asked to name industries with harsh environments, dairy farming isn’t at the top of many peoples’ list. However, the reality is that dairy equipment is exposed to mechanical, thermal and chemical loads as high, or higher, than the average industrial setting. In the milking parlour, for example, our products are exposed to high ammonia and humidity levels, to say nothing of the risk of mechanical stress imposed by an excitable cow. “When designing a new product, one of

our first considerations has to be how to protect the delicate PCB, pumps and wiring from these conditions. Over the years we’ve learned that Spelsberg is an

is a range of automated dosing and dilution systems, which dispense and dose precise quantities of fluid for cleaning or sanitisation purposes. The device has an LCD display and keypad on the front of the unit for easy set up, and is fully configurable to suit a range of applications. The system is based on combining Ambic’s well proven range of RFE low volume and high volume peristaltic pumps with a new microprocessor control system, which has been developed in-house. Shah continues: “I approached

Spelsberg with a precise set of criteria for

the EasiDoser. I needed to be able to source different sizes of enclosures, which not only ensured the usual high level protection, but would also accommodate the microprocessor and LCD display as well as working with the pumps and other components that make up the system. Spelsberg understood what we needed and came back to us with a bespoke engineered solution that answered all of my original requests.” “The customised entry solutions and bespoke mounting plate makes installation simple and helps to maximise the reliability of the finished product. We’re extremely happy with the solution provided, which is precisely what we’ve come to expect from Spelsberg.” Spelsberg supplies Ambic with a

number of different enclosure designs, including its popular TK and TG range, as well as various customisation services such as CNC machining and bespoke mounting plates.



ow available from Albert Jagger is a patented compression latching

hinge, designed for insulated and HVAC applications. This is manufactured by its Swedish partner, Industrilas. The versatile product can be used as a hinge or latch, allowing for left- or right-sided assembly, as well as complete removal of the door if required. This ensures the hinge is functional for a wide range of applications, with tactile feedback during use and a 180˚ opening angle when applied as a hinge. Constructed from high-quality robust

materials, including polyamide, die cast zinc and stainless steel, the hinge meets standards for sealing Level 1 according to DIN EN 1886. Simple assembly and smooth opening allows for safe and effective operation when using it as a hinge or latch. Furthermore, the new

product is also available in an extensive range including non-locking, push-button, keyed and tool-operated. All hinges can be fully customised with individual logo-types upon request.

S10 JUNE 2017 | DESIGN SOLUTIONS: SUPPLEMENT Safety has been the main priority

during the design stages of the product. The 6mm compression and decompression process ensures equalisation of pressure both inside and outside the door. Whilst maintaining a closed

The versatile compression latching hinge is constructed from high-quality robust materials

position, the hinge allows air to safely pass through the door and frame. This means a safe and steady opening, reducing the

risk of compressed air hazardously forcing the door open. The added bonus of a built-in safety catch, plus vertical adjustment, makes it easier than ever to achieve the perfect sealed door, the company explains. This is the latest addition to a wide range of integrated industrial products, including latching systems, hinges and sealing technology. It combines quality, design and function to guarantee efficient

performance in even the most demanding industrial environments. Industrilas is currently certified by TUV

to EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 14001:2004, with all products compliant with the RoHS Directive. According to Albert Jagger, this product is the only one of its kind on the market to date. Serving the industrial, military, marine and construction industries, as well as scientific and medical applications with industrial hardware, Albert Jagger can, through its partnership with Industrilas, supply a versatile range of integrated enclosure hardware consisting of a wide variety of products that can be assembled

in a modular system. A full range of 3D CAD models

are available for easy integration into design development, as is a comprehensive catalogue listing the full range of standard stock components.

Albert Jagger T: 01922 471000


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