Aluminum frame dust ignition protection and increased safety motors range extended A

BB’s range of fully-certified aluminum motors for dust ignition and increased safety protection is now extended with frame sizes 160 up to 280.

The aluminum range for explosive atmospheres now includes low voltage

New miniature triaxial accelerometer for high temperature applications


he new Type 8766A lightweight, triaxial accelerometer from Kistler Instruments uses the, patented PiezoStar®

crystal developed by Kistler to provide ultra-stable performance with very little sensitivity deviation with temperature changes. Over a temperature range of -50°C to +165°C a PiezoStar® sensor has a sensitivity deviation with temperature which is over thirty times better than a similar quartz sensor. The Temperature Coefficient of Sensitivity of a quartz triaxial accelerometer is 0.18 %/°C, compared with only 0.005 %/°C for a 250g measurement range for the new PiezoStar triaxial accelerometer. The new accelerometer has been designed specifically

to bring these unique properties to applications demanding high accuracy measurements in varying temperature up to 165°C. The small cubical, hermetic titanium housing has threaded mounting holes on each of three sides to facilitate calibration and simplify installation for tests whilst the low mass of only 4g reduces any influence on the test structure.

Kistler Instruments Limited u 01256 741550 u

Carlo Gavazzi UK

motors in frame size from 71 up to 280 (0.25 to 79 kW), offering an alternative to the cast iron range in these frame sizes. The aluminum frame offers a lightweight alternative for many applications such as grain handling installations where there is a risk of combustible dust. The motor’s smooth surface prevents dust accumulating on the frame, thereby making it easier to clean, resulting in lower costs and improved safety. The products are certified according to the European ATEX directive 2014/34/EU, and the global IECEx system. The certificates include protection types Ex tb for zone 21 installations where combustible dust is likely to occur, and Ex tc for zone 22 installations where combustible dust only occurs in abnormal conditions.

ABB u 01925 741111 u

Carlo Gavazzi’s latest small and high performance SSR C

arlo Gavazzi has introduced the RK series of 2 pole solid state relays for power control applications with units up

to 75AAC, screw connection and either independent control of each pole or common control. Reacting to market requirements to have a more compact solution, the RK Series is only 45mm wide, 2 poles in one housing saves space by up to 50%; it’s delivered ready for mounting to a panel chassis or heatsink. The back-plate is already equipped with a pre-attached thermal interface. The RK series has pluggable spring terminals for simple

and fast wiring connection speeding up installation time, operating voltages up to 660VAC and current rating up to 75AAC per pole, control input off 4-32VDC; LED indication per pole for control status and an operating temperature range of -40°C to 80°C.

u 01276 854110

Maxi-Cool Introduces Server Cooling Enclosures for Use in Offices B

ritish engineering company Maxi-Cool has developed an innovative energy- efficient temperature control solution for office-based servers. Maxi-Cool

cabinets are free-standing rack-mount enclosures featuring integrated refrigeration for effective thermal management. Maxi-Cool cabinets help safeguard company data where servers need an

antidote to warmer weather. Installation is fast and easy: they are simply wheeled into place, servers installed in the rack, and plugged into a 13-amp mains socket.

“Data security means on-site servers are common in small and medium sized businesses,” explains Maxi-Cool Chief Designer James Garson. “But cooling remains an issue. Maxi-Cool cabinets deliver immediate thermal management at a fraction of the cost of building and running a dedicated air-conditioned server room.” Maxi-Cool enclosures are popular in shared offices and heritage buildings, where air conditioning cannot be

installed. At 65db the cabinets are whisper-quiet. They can be colour-coded to match an organisation’s branding or office décor.

Maxi-Cool u 01858 414307 u

Removable housing for high density CombiTac connector simplifies testing W

ith its easily removable cover providing quick access to up to 320 contacts, the new CombiTac light housing connector allows simple electrical testing in applications where there is a high density of signal contacts. Introduced by Stäubli Electrical Connectors, formerly Multi-Contact, the

ergonomically designed device has a centralised spring locking mechanism that draws the connector into its socket and locks them together. The plastic cover can then be quickly removed, giving direct access to all contacts to enable troubleshooting of signal faults. The connector is particularly suited for use in electrical test laboratories in the automotive, aerospace and defence industries. An interactive configuration tool on the dedicated CombiTac web site enables engineers to build modular assemblies online, explore the final product, review assembly dimensions and request a quotation.

Stäubli Electrical Connectors Ltd u 01908 265544


New FS02 BraggMETER high-speed optical tunable filter for demanding applications


ow available from HBM – a market leader in the field of test and measurement – is the new high speed optical

tuneable FS02 BraggMETER filter, which is suitable for both static and dynamic optical filtering applications. Featuring an integrated proprietary cavity design without guiding optics, the FS02 is a compact, robust and vibration-resistant device with an encapsulated filter to ensure excellent stability. Featuring low voltage excitation and wide and fine tuning with top resolution and noise to signal ratio, the new FS02 is suitable for most optical filtering applications in test and measurement, telecom and fibre optic sensing. Best suited for integration of high-end products and

also for research and education purposes in universities and R&D laboratories, typical applications include fibre swept laser sources, optical sensing equipment, optical coherence tomography (OCT) systems, and spectral characterisation tools.

HBM u 020 8515 6000 u


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