Physik Instrumente enjoys success at the 2017 Motion Control Industry Awards

Non-contact safety sensors B

alluff is expanding their safety portfolio with magnetic, transponder and inductive safety sensors. They are

connected directly to the safety Balluff IO-Link I/O module or to any safety controller using standard M12 connectors. Balluff's non-contact, magnetically coded safety switch

is unaffected by mechanical play. With separate processing electronics, the safety switch can be used for applications up to PLe/SIL 3. The transponder coded safety sensor is ideal for

monitoring guard doors. The passive RFID transponder is uniquely identified by the sensor, high coding levels and accordingly high bypass protection can be implemented. Balluff's inductive safety sensor detects the approach

of metallic targets. Unlike traditional safety switches it requires no special mating part. This means it can generate safe signals for position and end-of-travel or directly sense metallic workpiece carriers.

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Contribution to Skills and Training categories at the 2017 Motion Control Industry Awards, held at the National Conference Centre, Birmingham, on the 9th of May. The awards acknowledge the achievements of motion control companies and individuals, and have become a leading event in the industry. Building on last year’s success, when the company


was named Manufacturer of the Year, PI is delighted to have received further recognition in this category. This success is due to the company’s partnership approach, working closely with its customers to build long-term, trusted relationships, and helping them to realise the true potential of precision motion and control.


The drag chain is equipped with lockable brackets for optimal cable protection which swivel inwardly at any position depending on the stay variant

TKK39: The particularly sturdy, self-cleaning plastic drag chains for confined installation spaces In lifting devices, energy chains in an external


ABELSCHLEPP Metool presents the TKK series, a new cable carrier for small installation spaces in harsh

operation conditions, as required for example in lifting devices, areal lifts and platforms. TKK39 is self-cleaning, extremely solid, while remaining light and compact. It delivers particularly high torsional rigidity and supports long unsupported travel of up to 5 m. The space-saving design of the TKK39 impresses with, among other things, its installation height of only 142 mm. In comparison to alternative solutions, KABELSCHLEPP was able to reduce the installation height by 65 %. The energy chain can be used when both self-supported and gliding. It supports speeds of up to 3 m/s and accelerations of 9 m/s2. Short steel connecting elements allow for and easy installation - they are directly bolted onto the console or support. The chain links are made entirely of plastic, whereby Metool also offers hybrid chains with aluminum stays and steel chains as an alternative. The TKK39 proves itself, wherever harsh environmental conditions meet limited design space, and good lateral stability and torsional rigidity are required.

arrangement are exposed to weather and can be affected by dirt or falling objects. To ensure smooth operation despite these difficult conditions, the drag chains of the TKK series are equipped with a dust, dirt and chip-proof stroke system. The dirt simply runs off the very smooth surface. The energy chain is self-cleaning in movable applications: Specially installed bevels break up the dirt so that it can then be discharged. Also, The TKK39 is equipped with lockable brackets for optimal cable protection which swivel inwardly at any position depending on the stay variant. Dividers which are adjustable or fixable in 2 mm increments together with a flexible height separation made of plastic or aluminum enable optimal separation of the cables.

Fitting safety switches to machine guarding

which allows any amGardpro interlock safety switch to be easily fitted to machine guarding. Suitable for both hinged and sliding guards, the robust


Eazi-fit is easy to select using Fortress' unique online configurator, which provides 2D and 3D images and models, together with part numbers to simplify ordering.

There are two configuration options:

KABELSCHLEPP Metool presents with the TKK series a new drag chain for small installation spaces in harsh environmental conditions

Metool Products Ltd. u 0115 95 18 708 u u

1. Need to configure a new interlock If you configure a new amGardpro interlock switch using the online configurator and choose to add a mounting plate, the configurator will automatically select the appropriate plate, which is then pre-fitted to the interlock for easy installation. 2. Already have an interlock but need a mounting plate If you already have an amGardpro interlock switch but need a mounting plate, it is easy to select one using the online configurator, which will automatically select the appropriate Eazi-fit combination.

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onfiguring a mounting plate for an interlock is easy with Fortress Interlock's new Eazi-fit mounting system,

hysik Instrumente (PI) is celebrating being shortlisted in the Manufacturer of the Year and

Additionally, the company’s Lunch & Learn educational sessions, held free of charge at venues around the country, were acknowledged for their contribution to professional training and skills development. Professor Steve Dixon from the Centre for Industrial Ultrasonics, Department of Physics and School of Engineering at the University of Warwick, commenting on a Lunch & Learn session, said: “…the talk was pitched in such a way that it was accessible to everyone… If only all high tech companies were so forward thinking and supportive of the field in which they work.”

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