The new PVC4Cables brochure supports professionals with the necessary information to choose the right PVC cables

Axis Communications has announced the release of its latest whitepaper, ‘Smart Buildings & Smart Cities Security’

Smarter Grid Solutions has unveiled ANM Strata 2.0, which is claimed to be the most widely deployed and versatile distributed energy resource management system on the market

A team of electrical engineering students from South and City College Birmingham have won the gold award in national rail competition, Fast Trackers 2019

Testing and certification company, SGS, has opened a new electrical and electronic product testing laboratory in Yokohama, Japan

Glamox has supplied more than 1,400 TX60 linear LED light fittings to Chrysaor, which are being installed across three of its gas and condensate platforms in the Central North Sea

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K Power Networks Services and London City Airport are to install renewable and sustainable energy technologies to ensure

the long-term resilience and operational excellence of the airport. As part of the City Airport Development Programme (CADP), UK

Power Networks Services will deliver a microgrid that combines solar photo voltaic, combined heat and power, and smart automation software to double the size of the airport’s electrical distribution infrastructure. The upgrade will almost double the airport’s electricity capacity

(from 3.6MVA to 7MVA) by installing new electrical substations and solar panels and connecting a combined heat and power unit. The electricity network will also be ‘smart’, thanks in part to a new SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system that will remotely control the electricity network. The fully integrated solution will enhance the security and resilience of the network, reduce the cost of infrastructure and improve air quality around the airport - while decarbonising in line with London City Airport’s commitments. UK Power Networks Services is also supporting the joint

development of London City Airport’s wider energy strategy, aligning the benefits of new technologies and innovations to future needs, such as electric vehicle infrastructure. Nearly 70 per cent of passengers use public transport to get to the airport, which is the highest proportion of any UK airport, and it actively encourages people to travel sustainably to and from the site.



E Connectivity is introducing a new surge arrester for the railway sector

that can be mounted directly on the transformer, thus taking away a product from the train’s rooftop. The surge arrester is fully tested against

shock and vibration, and meets the fire and smoke norms of EN45545-2. With an ever-growing number of double

decker trains, high products on rooftops can create challenges with tunnels and bridges. But it’s not just height; roof space on trains in general comes at a premium, as more and more components need to be placed on rooftops, several of them requiring free space around them as well. Additionally, cleaner rooftops improve aerodynamics, especially for high-speed trains. The RSTI 68 surge arrester can be placed

directly on the transformer but also at the rear side of the high voltage (HV) cable assembly that connects to the transformer. The product fits perfectly in a sealed HV system, giving maximum design freedom in its vicinity. For trains using the new Lopro circuit

breaker, this secondary surge arrester can even be placed directly on the circuit breaker, creating even more configuration freedom in the HV system. The short circuit current is 20kA and the

product is tested for 15kV and 25kV AC track systems.


chneider Electric UK has launched its ‘Rethink Energy’ initiative - a programme aimed at changing business, consumer and government attitudes to energy waste and helping to combat climate change. In terms of waste,

energy is frequently overlooked. A Schneider Electric study of 2,000 UK adults and over 600 UK businesses revealed that just ten per cent of consumers want to do more to curb their current energy use, while 74 per cent believe they already do enough. In the same report, 68 per cent of business leaders reported their organisations wasted energy, particularly in the form of inefficient building and office space. To launch its Rethink Energy initiative, Schneider Electric held a panel debate at Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium, one of the world’s most energy efficient stadiums. The company is THFC’s official energy management partner.

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