Littelfuse, a global manufacturer of technologies in circuit protection, power control and sensing, has launched its SPD2 series of Type 2 surge protection devices


ransient overvoltage, or power surges, can damage components and

drive added costs to repair or replace, as well as create unplanned downtime. To prevent these events, the SPD2 series, utilised at power distribution or branch circuits, safeguards components from surges by limiting the fault current to a load or the unit being protected. “The surge protection device market is

growing due to the increasing use of electronic equipment and the need to safeguard it from power fluctuations,” says Peter Kim, vice president and general manager, Littelfuse Industrial Business Unit. “To increase safety and avoid the high costs incurred from equipment downtime, more companies realise the return on investment that SPDs provide and are adopting or designing in these products.” The SPD2 series is DIN-rail mounted for electrical cabinets and comes in a

wide range of operating voltages including DC power for solar applications. The product is ideal for power distribution, electrical loads, industrial controls, computers and communications as well as HVAC or medical equipment. The SPD2 features include: • Capability to clamp and withstand high-energy transients to prevent disruption, downtime, and degradation or damage to equipment • Thermal protection to eliminate catastrophic failure • Each part is both UL recognised and IEC-compliant to reduce inventory and support global usage • A compact footprint to increase electrical panel design flexibility • An interlocking tab mechanism to withstand vibration • An SPD type and voltage-coded plug to prevent the module from being placed in

the wrong base, eliminating the risk of improper protection • A visual life indicator for quick determination of the status of module replacement

“According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, equipment being turned on or off causes 60 to 80 per cent of industrial power surges within a facility,” says Richard Dale, product manager, Littelfuse Industrial Business Unit. “These disruptive, everyday

occurrences can be prevented by using an SPD with higher nominal discharge current - 20 kilo amperes (kA) - to avoid unplanned disruptions or stoppages, resulting in unfilled orders, missed deadlines, unreliable systems, and or dangerous situations.”



Schneider Electric has launched a series of optional modules for the Masterpact MTZ circuit breaker, boosting its protection, measurement and maintenance capabilities


he tools will help energy and buildings managers safeguard their circuits and

save costs through better power management and reduced downtime. The Masterpact MTZ family debuted in

the UK in 2016, and continues to be one of the company’s smartest ranges of circuit breakers. With embedded Class 1 metering and improved performance in harsh environments, the MTZ is said to reduce operating costs and improve the safety of power distribution. The range is embedded with Micrologic X control units, which allow the circuit

breakers to share and receive data, as well as be controlled and monitored remotely. These control units can now be enhanced with a new range of digital modules, which extend their capabilities in several key areas: • Protection - modules for energy reduction maintenance settings (ERMS), reverse active power protection and ground-fault alarm increase protection for occupants and property • Measurement - energy per phase and individual harmonics analysis tools help operators monitor energy and power quality,

offering cost management and power quality functions to extend the longevity of the circuit


• Maintenance and diagnostics - tools like the power restoration assistant and Masterpact operation assistant increase uptime and help plan maintenance, with features that offer power outage management The digital modules can be

downloaded through the GoDigital website using the Masterpact MTZ Mobile app or via a computer running Schneider Electric Ecoreach software. Gary Buckingham, product and

segment marketing manager at Schneider Electric, said: “By itself, our Masterpact MTZ circuit breaker offers superb circuit protection and insight for energy management, but at Schneider Electric we’re always looking to improve our solutions. This new range of digital tools provides more options to customers seeking even greater protection or customisation according to their specific needs.”

Schneider Electric


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