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• Electrode Orientation VCB, VCBB, HCB, VOA, HOA • Enclosure size

• New Interpolation Method for improved accuracy. • Working distances, gaps and arc duration • New Incident e • Arc

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Internatioernational Tuesday Conferennference

Hotel Manchester Airport Tue

Manchester, Rad Hote

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Sep am to

18 IEEE 1 4 – CE 1584 – Changes | N w Arc Fl h Ca

Jim is V e-Cs Vice-C C78 f t

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TC78 Live Working. For over 35 years, he has been helping tens of thousands of people m d

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E 1584 a r 3

4 and International Chair o e h

d t e w d u r t d e g t

continents, he has developed a reputation for being one of the best trainers and public speakers in the industry. For more information about Jimt Jim, visit

power system design, analysis and safety. Having taught over 2500 seminars during hs c e h s d

g his career to people from all seven d a r

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September 2019 o 4:00pm - £275.00

ptember 2019 esday 9am to 4:00pm s | New Arc Flash Calculations | H s | How it A y 24th y 24 9 0+VAT t Affects E r of IEC s urope

Discounts Available

Group (enquire today)

chester, Radisson Blu anchester Airp



This unique conference is a superb event which pushes the boundaries of all arc flash conferences previously delivered in the UK. The program and expertise on  practice and provide ground breaking information to assist professionals in all sectors of industry in the management of the arc flash hazard.

r to book y r e Proudl ook your early bird sp dly Sponsored b d by d space

call Safety (UK)y (UK) Limited, 2 G

2 Genesis P k, Ss Park, Sheffield Road, Rotherham, S60 1DX. Um, S60 1DX. United Kingdom

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