Lynx Dry Cleaning Supplies (Lynx DCS) has announced that it has acquired the wedding and drycleaning arms of the Eastpac Group. All customer business was transferred across to Lynx at the end of March. Harry Rahman, director at Lynx Dry Cleaning Supplies commented: “We believe this exciting acquisition will help with the longterm growth of Lynx, opening up different and new lines of business. Even though 2020 was a difficult year for us all, Lynx wants to grow, develop and diversify, to protect its future.

“It is an absolute pleasure to be associated with Eastpac. Our plan is to continue the good service to the loyal customers and to enhance the range of products we provide. We’re a long established supplier within the drycleaning and laundry industry offering quality products along with a quality service. We pride ourselves on having a wide range of products and services that are transferable

Lynx takes on wedding and drycleaning arms of Eastpac to the bridal market.”

In a statement to its customers Eastpac announced: “All wedding and drycleaning supplies will now be handled by Lynx DCS. As Eastpac continues to progress our exciting story, we have decided that all our wedding and drycleaning customers would be much better served by a business dedicated to this particular industry. “For many years now, Eastpac has consisted of four divisions; wedding, dryclean, retail and industrial. As consumer trends have changed, many of our key product lines have become more difficult to source in appropriate quantities and at reasonable prices. Therefore, we have taken the big decision of moving the dryclean and wedding supply services over to a company who is dedicated to this industry, and who can source all the appropriate products and more besides. As a result, we feel that Lynx Dry Cleaning Supplies are in a far better position to supply you.”

Lynx Dry Cleaning Supplies turned 15 last year. It started in October 2005 in a single railway arch, supplying a single product (Dowper perc) and has over a very short period grown to supplying literally everything a drycleaner/launderer may require from its three purpose-built warehouses in Hainault, Essex.

Tradelinens sets its alarm for expert sleep panel to promote ‘blissful bedtimes’

Luxury hospitality linen supplier Tradelinens, is highlighting the importance of providing the best bed linen to promote great sleep is bringing together leading figures from the worlds of wellbeing, lifestyle and design to create its first expert Sleep Panel, bringing a 360-degree approach to improving quality of sleep for everyone.

Featuring Dr Kat Lederle as resident sleep specialist, Ben Spriggs, editor in chief at ELLE Decoration as lifestyle and interiors guru; Amy Heffernan, former interiors director at Wallpaper as design wellbeing inspiration; Jessica Black, director of purchasing at Firmdale Hotels PLC as industry specialist, and; Robert Lancaster- Gaye, pictured, co-founder of Tradelinens. Through a series of informative sessions, blogs and articles the specialists will explore the importance of sleep to our physical and emotional wellbeing, looking at what it takes to truly sleep well. They will look at the impact of technology habits, hectic lifestyles and busy minds when it comes to night-time routines, and whether there are simple best practices that can be put in place for a blissful bedtime.

6 LCN | June 2021

Drawing on their individual expertise and experience they will give customers’ confidence to maximise their wellbeing during the day enabling them to harness the real power of sleep at night. Catherine Morris, managing director of Tradelinens said: “Our trade and consumer customers often ask us the best ways to help improve their sleep. We know that having quality bed linen plays an essential part, but we wanted to offer a more holistic solution, which is why we enrolled our dream team of experts to offer their guidance and support through the Sleep Panel. We’re looking forward to listening to the discussions and understanding more deeply about the power of sleep and the positive impact it has on our everyday lives.”

Following the recent success of Tradelinen’s Tielle Love Luxury’s* first limited-edition bedding collection, in collaboration with up-and-coming designer, Nick Snow, the panellists will also use their expertise to help find the next best designer as part of the judging panel.  For more information about each of the Sleep Experts please visit https://

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