ryers cost an awful lot of money to run. And fuel/waste heat emissions are anathema both to sustainability and the bottom line. Fact. If you can find equipment that minimises these aspects you are well on the way to saving bundles of cash and helping with the sustainability of the planet.

Of course, in large commercial laundries huge tunnel washers with their ground shaking presses and powerful washer extractors with incredible vortex-inducing spins can reduce water retention to such an extent that sheets can by-pass the drying process feeding straight into the ironers and end up dried and folded automatically ready for dispatch. This technology, unfortunately, is not available – yet – for your average OPL. However, dryer manufacturers have taken these issues on board and different brands have developed different ways to make things better. Onnera’s contribution to the OPL drying genre is to this year introduce some new


Sandford Station retirement village has reaped the benefits of increased productivity in less time when Electrolux Professional’s Line 6000 dryers were installed. In particular, it noted an approximate 25% reduction in cycle times using the dryer. Where previously staff had to do 60-70 loads per week, the Line 6000’s larger capacity and quick drying time has meant staff saved time due to its better efficiency and better ability to maintain heat. Ergonomics have also been factored into the design, having an easy to maintain laundry operation reduces the stress from their daily volume of laundry. For the care staff at Sandford, the new digital display from Electrolux Professional’s Compass Pro control has helped with service by offering more specialised and intuitive programs to suit all needs. The ‘wool program’ for instance, has helped prevent shrinkage of woollen garments, and the ‘airing program’ ensures washing goes back to the residents perfectly dried. The control also features

14 LCN | June 2021

Climate changers D

models and features on its wide range of Domus tumble dryers, all mainly focused on efficiency and connectivity, see image above. Gemma Colomer explains: “We added the 14kg model to our line of single drum dryers which is now 11, 14, 18, 23, 28, 36, 45, 60 and 80kg. This new model is ideal for restaurants, campsites, hotels and hairdressers...It has the same technical, industrial and energy efficient characteristics as the superior models, but at a really competitive price. We also presented a double drum gas heated dryer model that, unlike previous models, has

The warmest climate for drying textiles with the gentlest effect on the product, the environment and the operator’s pocket is what is needed from OPL dryers. Is this achievable? Kathy Bowry finds out

a turbo mode. The turbo mode halves the time of each cycle, while achieving the same quality results.

“Finally, if you are looking for the most efficient dryers on the market, it is important that you take a few minutes to look at all the features of our eco-energy range or heat pump dryers. These dryers have been exclusively designed to obtain the highest energy efficiency levels, while always achieving high productivity and the best possible quality with each dry. “You can download our new efficiency catalogue, with calculations and detailed description of the most efficient features on Domus equipment, at www.”

‘Quick select’ buttons for fast access to frequently used programs for normal/low temperature cycles. What’s more, to prevent garments from

over-drying, a Moisture Balance feature measures the exact level of moisture throughout the drying process so that the cycle will automatically stop when garments are dry. This not only prevents damage to delicate materials, but saves on costly energy bills. Electrolux’s Line 6000 dryers have been designed to improve productivity, efficiency and performance, and in particular, ease the burden of a heavy workload in the colder months.

Something for every one Industrial Laundry Equipment Ltd has a selection of dryers to suit all needs and requirements, says managing director Richard Bown. With two different ranges that now come as standard with highly efficient infrared radiant burners, you have the choice of 13kg, 15kg, 25kg, 35kg, 50kg, 100kg and 125kg capacities.

“The larger machines in the GZZ range come with a 7 inch colour touchscreen and two inverters to drive the fan motors and drum. This means added efficiency and exceptional control levels as you can completely control the speed of the drum down to as low as one revolution per minute if required,” explains Brown. ILE dryers come with stainless steel drums and smart drying with humidity censors to ensure optimum efficiency. Sonja Wood of Ecosan Services has been using a GZZ-100kg for processing workwear and also a high volume of floor

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