This significantly reduces floor space requirements, which makes it a great choice for on-premises laundry services as they may be limited on space.

mats. She says: “This machine (pictured above) is fantastic! It allows us to control the process in great detail, so we can use it for anything and everything. The flexibility ensures we do not damage mats and as it is also a very robust machine, we can produce high numbers without worrying about the machine being damaged.” The smart range come with most of the features of the GZZ and utilises the same burners for efficiency, but they do not come with the inverter drive or touchscreens as standard, to help keep the costs down. “All of which means that whatever your requirements/budget there is an ILE dryer for you,” says Brown.

More in less time

Over at Elexctrolux Professional, Mick Christian, regional training and demonstration manager for laundry, comments: “From cleaning garments safely in care homes, to making sure bed linen and upholstery are hygienic in hotels, the modern-day laundry requires commercial tumble dryers that guarantee operators complete peace of mind with every use. With an ability to dry more laundry in less time, the Electrolux Professional Line 6000 dryers, pictured below, right, are a real game-changer that will provide maximum productivity, outstanding drying speed, and exceptional savings.”

The company’s newest commercial dryer features the latest extension to Electrolux Professional’s Compass Pro control, which offers a large interactive digital display to select the desired settings and programs. The control also features ‘Quick Select’ buttons for fast access to frequently used programs for normal / low temperature cycles and delicate materials. Electrolux’s latest dryer with built-in heat pump offers energy savings of up to 60% compared to traditional tumble dryers, claims Christian. The use of a heat pump also eliminates the need for exhaust, ventilation and water cooling systems.


Moreover, the dryer boasts what Electrolx Proessional says is the shortest drying time on the market and the larger model can easily process 16kg of laundry in just 42 minutes no matter what type of fabric is being dried, making it a great option for laundry professionals looking for an efficient dryer that helps keep the service profitable. The Line 6000 does not require any ducting, which further reduces the cost as operators do not have to spend time maintaining and cleaning the ducting.

Efficiency and control Girbau’s ED range of premium performance dryers (see box, right) features six models with capacities ranging from 14.5kg up to 62.5kg and gas, electric or steam heating options. The smaller ED260 and ED340 models are the most popular in OPL laundries. ED series dryers ensure all items including delicates are dried safely, uniformly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Designed to be more energy efficient than any other conventional dryer, ED dryers feature Girbau’s Transflow technology. This is a combination of both radial and axial airflow for maximum efficiency, reduced cycle times and lower energy costs. Cabinet insulation and a double-glazed door further optimise energy efficiency and prevent the wasteful escape of heat to the laundry. The stainless steel ‘Care Touch’ drum features recessed vents with no sharp edges and a highly polished surface, which protects and preserves delicate fabrics. The built-in Humidity Control system automatically senses when clothes are dry and activates the cool down process maximising energy efficiency and assuring the best textile care. Girbau’s Speed Control function can be used to manually or automatically optimise drum speed to suit residual moisture content. The wide opening door makes loading


For Girbau, the rise in the popularity of wetcleaning has driven products that are flexible in application, so the obvious way to go was to offer dual-purpose machines that are equally happy as traditional washers and as wetcleaning units. Craig Jones of Cheshire-based Hartford

Dry Cleaners recently installed an HS- 6017 washer and ED 460 dryer from Girbau UK as the business introduced a wet cleaning service. The new equipment has helped Hartford to move through work more quickly and efficiently, with very positive feedback from customers on the quality, feel and freshness of their wet-cleaned garments.

“I am delighted with the switch from

drycleaning to wetcleaning,” says Craig. “All items are cleaned, dried and need very little finishing, they also smell and feel fantastic. I just wish I had made the move to wet cleaning sooner. I’m looking forward to a cleaner future for my business.”

and unloading quick and easy. A large capacity lint filter helps to make everyday maintenance simple, quick and easy. ED dryers are Wet Cleaning Ready and perfect for delicate fabrics, says Girbau. Versatile controls allow drying cycle parameters to be adapted precisely to wetcleaning processes. Users can set and adjust temperature variations for a defined period of time and even include different spin speeds in the same program. Features exclusively available on the larger high-productivity ED900 and ED1250 dryers include modulation of the gas heating as standard. Different burners can be activated separately for higher efficiency and improved energy management for all kinds of linen. ■

June 2021 | LCN 15

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