Can your mobile technology save front-line officers up to 80% of their time? PoliceBox can.

Every second counts for officers on duty. From performing daily tasks to responding to national emergencies, officers need digital tools that make their lives simpler and easier.

Yet a recent survey from Police Insight found that over half of officers (55%) were not happy with their force’s overall ICT. Chief among frustrations voiced were task duplication, a lack of compatibility with neighbouring forces, and the resulting problem of siloed data.

Understanding these issues, the cloud- based PoliceBox® mobility platform has been designed to help police forces take back control, empowering frontline officers to capture, report and gather intelligence data from a single portal on their smartphone or other mobile device.

PoliceBox reduces time-consuming and tedious tasks to mere minutes. It uses all of the capabilities of modern mobile devices to digitise virtually hundreds of day-to-day frontline processes, including: „ establishing identity on the move using biometrics

„ the use of Anyline smart data capture to read driving licences, ID cards, passports, vehicle number plates sVIN numbers

„ conducting searches across multiple force and national databases at once

„ taking witness statements, notes, issuing FPN’s with supporting pictures

„ interacting with Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management Systems (RMS) „ and much more…

Identify people and vehicles in seconds Typing text into mobile devices can also introduce errors and distract attention. PoliceBox comes with integrated scanning technology from Anyline, the gold-standard for mobile law enforcement mobile data capture. Using Anyline OCR (optical character recognition), officers can accurately scan driving licenses, license plates and passports in seconds with their mobile device, as well as extra data like vehicle identification numbers (VIN) and other serial numbers. Anyline’s data capture technology is already being used every day by over 100,000 officers across Europe, as well as by the Australian Department for Home Affairs.

To give an example of this technology in action, think about the time needed for an officer to issue a fixed penalty notice to a driver. With PoliceBox, they can instantly read the license plate and driving license with the phone camera. The scanned data is checked automatically against databases, returning further information and showing any warning markers. Based on the results, the officer can decide what further action to take, in which case the results are re-used to fill in the fixed penalty notice automatically, with just the incident-related fields left to complete.

The result is a streamlined, yet comprehensive process, which can be completed in under 3 minutes, while removing the need for both typing and radio communication. Furthermore, data collected in one task can be re-used in another, further reducing officer workload by removing the need to re-type the same

Integrated OCR lets officers instantly digitize the data they need

data again and again, and improving data quality. Multiplied up to a workforce of 1,000 or more officers, the benefits become significant. This is just one example of a process made simple and smart with PoliceBox.

Highly configurable: Build PoliceBox to meet the needs of your force Although processes like Stop and Search are similar across the country, PoliceBox recognises that each force has its own unique requirements and priorities. Instead of charging large consultancy fees to develop bespoke variations for each force, PoliceBox has been designed to be highly configurable. The PoliceBox App Designer allows forces to amend or build new business processes quickly and easily via a no-code, drag-and-drop tool. PoliceBox automatically ensures that any resulting process comes with the necessary data integrity, security, meta-data and auditing support to meet evidential and data protection requirements.

As a result of this unique “Lego kit” approach, there really is no limit to the number of police tasks that can be implemented within PoliceBox.

To see a live demo of a 2 minute fixed penalty notice from PoliceBox using Anyline data capture, and learn more about the platform, visit:

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