PC Stuart Outten suffered a fractured skull and other horrific injuries at the hands of a man armed with a machete. During a night shift in East London, he stopped a van which was showing as uninsured. The driver stopped but then drove off as the officer approached. After a short chase, he stopped again and started punching PC Outten. He then produced a two-foot rusty machete from the van and slashed at the officer’s head. Despite suffering six head wounds, a fractured skull, slash wounds, broken fingers and injured tendons, PC Outten was able to subdue the attacker with Taser and save his own life. Ken Marsh, Metropolitan Police Federation Chair, said: “Stuart is an absolute hero who exemplifies everything good about being a police officer.”

PC Stuart Outten Stuart Outen

A suspect ran through residential gardens with PC Darren Jenkins in pursuit. When the officer caught up with him, the 18-year-old started punching the officer and smashed PC Jenkins’ head against a patio. Despite suffering a broken nose, the officer was able to carry out the arrest. Unbelievably, his attacker escaped with a six-month suspended sentence and 200 hours unpaid work. Ken Marsh said PC Jenkins had been incredibly courageous, adding that he could have been fatally injured.

PC Andrew Wienand Andrew Wienland

PC Andrew Wienand was tucked up in bed in his South West London home when he heard a disturbance. He saw a jewellery shop being burgled by five men armed with sledgehammers and axes. Shouting to neighbours to call the police, PC Wienand ran at the suspects while dressed in just his boxer shorts. He had a pickaxe thrown at him but still managed to scare off the raiders. Ken Marsh commented: “It was extremely brave of Andrew to challenge them and stop them in their tracks.”


PCs Katie Swann and Marley-Jay Symonds tackled two violent offenders who were wanted for making threats to kill. When the officers arrived at the home of the mother of one of the offenders, the pair become aggressive and resisted attempts to detain them. PC Symonds was punched and had to use PAVA to restrain his attacker.

PC Swann deployed Taser on the other but it took the help of colleagues to finally subdue him. Norfolk Police Federation Secretary Sam Hawkins said the officers demonstrated real teamwork to bring these “big, burly and violent offenders” to justice.


PCs Richard Shea and Matt Reynolds tackled an armed man who forced his way into a woman’s home. Police were warned the offender was armed with a gun. PC Shea saw a plastic barrel protrude from a doorway and the man ran back inside. PC Reynolds discharged his Taser but it was ineffective. PC Shea kept the door open and was able to discharge his Taser in the direction of the man, causing him to slump. Officers found a large kitchen knife next to him. North Wales Police Federation Secretary Mark Jones said:

Katie Swann NOVEMBER 2020 | POLICE | 24 24 | POLICE | NOVEMBER 2020

“I am sure their brave actions, and the fact they put themselves in harm’s way, prevented someone being seriously injured or killed.”


PC Taylor Ladner was new in service when he dragged a woman out of a burning house. He had been sent to investigate a domestic dispute but found the scene ablaze and was told a woman and a child were trapped inside. The woman resisted efforts by PC Ladner to remove her from the property. He then searched for the child, who had thankfully already escaped. Northamptonshire Police Federation Chair Sam Dobbs said the rescue was remarkable: “Taylor placed his own safety behind the member of the public, despite knowing that she intended to harm herself and was being physically uncooperative.”

Taylor Ladner

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