Katy Evans

Ian Chattun Woman saved from drowning praises rescue officers

A young woman who was saved from drowning by two Dyfed Powys police officers has come forward to express her thanks for their heroic actions. Rhian Casey, a 21-year-old midwifery student, entered the sea at Aberystwyth during a mental health crisis and was rescued by PC Ian Chattun and Sergeant Katy Evans who went after her in full uniform, weighed down by their PPE and body armour. Paying tribute to the officers, she

said: “They put their own lives at risk for a stranger. They didn’t know anything about me, they just did it without hesitation. That’s more than just policing, I believe they did that because they care, and because they are good people and didn’t want me to die. If I saw them again, despite social distancing, I would

want to give them a hug. Even when I was not strong enough, they were. I will be eternally grateful to them for doing that and so will my friends and family.” Rhian has struggled with

depression since 2018. It could come on unexpectedly, she could feel well one moment and then feeling suicidal the next. She had a particularly difficult summer last year, barely able to get out of bed and looking at the world outside her window without appreciating anything. On the day she went into the sea she was spending time with a friend in Aberystwyth when feelings became overwhelming. She said: “I messaged people to say I was sorry and then I literally just went and sat in the sea. I was sick of feeling depressed and felt like

nothing was ever going to get better. “The two officers swam after me. The male officer was emotional and pleaded with me to come back to shore. It was when he said ‘I’ve got a four-year- old son at home and I can’t breathe’ I realised it wasn’t just me in the water. I thought I’m putting other people’s lives in danger who have got family and that’s not fair.”

The incident was the trigger for Rhian getting the medication and help she needed. She is in a better place now and full of hope for the future. She added: “It’s thanks to them that I’ve got the rest of my life and I’m going to be a midwife and see my niece grow up.” PC Chattun and PS Evans are the

Dyfed Powys nominees for the 2020 Police Bravery Awards.

Home-cooked treats for hungry officers

PC Dharmesh Mistry, a long-serving ofcer in Bradford, West Yorkshire, was concerned to hear about colleagues who were struggling to get served in supermarkets and missing meals during the early days of lockdown.

He had a discussion with

Bradford Hindu Council community group, and they ended up serving

2,000 meals. After two weeks of serving meals for night shifts and control rooms, they also ofered food to paramedics and care home workers. All the meals were home-cooked

by volunteers as an expression of thanks to the hard-working emergency services family. PC Mistry (right) says: “It

was important to me to support all

emergency services, as well as the NHS. If I can help where I can, I like to do it. It’s about understanding what ofcers are going through on the ground level. “The messages that were

coming back from colleagues were so emotional. They couldn’t believe that people were still thinking about them. They thought they’d been forgotten.”


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