The Equieryʼs Guide to Finding a Lesson Stable “We are slowly opening back up and

are seeing a continual increase in lesson requests. Everyone will continue to wear masks and gloves because we don’t want to be shut down again!” – Deana Tice, En-tice-ment Stables (Anne Arundel County)

“We are getting more calls in terms of people wanting to ride for the summer because many are just not going out of town on vacations. We started a summer lease program this year, which is new for us and

very popular.” – Tracey Gay, Molly Hill Farm (Harford County)

“We have seen a one third increase of new kids, mainly in the six to twelve year old

age group.” – Candy Cole, High Ridge Farm (Carroll County)

“We have 13 new students at the farm and I suspect that is because of no summer camps and might be temporary.” – Karen Altieri, Linden Farm (Charles County)

decided which they prefer. Neither style is bet- ter than the other. 3) Although competing is not necessary to

enjoy horses, many people enjoy showing and competing, while others have no desire to com- pete. Some barns do not off er competition op- portunities while others allow students to com- pete, but do not pressure students to compete if they are not interested. Other barns are primar- ily geared towards competing, so it is important to decide where you fit in the spectrum. Of course, your long-term riding goals are subject to change and many riders fi nd they shift stables at times to fi t their changing needs. Assessing your needs honestly and accurately in the beginning may save you lots of money, and help avoid the expense of signing up with a pro- gram that really just does not suit your needs.

Narrowing the Field Now that you know what type of lessons you

want, what next? We recommend selecting a few stables that meet your requirements, and

Come board in Paradise

2-hour scheduled ride times, social distancing & biosecurity measures in place

Maryland’s Premier Pleasure Barn

Contact us for a private tour, and for

stall or fi eld board availability.

• Light-fi lled 80 x 120 Indoor Arena • 100 x 200 Outdoor Arena • Jumps & Training Obstacles Available • 300+ acres of Trails • Climate Controlled Observation Room • Climate Controlled Tack Rooms w/Private Lockers • Hot Water Wash Stalls • Stall or Field Board • Lay-up Paddocks Available • Specialty Individualized Horse Care • Monthly Fun Days and Lessons with Joe London • Outside Trainers Welcome • Drama Strictly Prohibited • Convenient Location

Discover Peace in Paradise

6250 Detrick Rd., Mount Airy, MD 21771 | 800-244-9580 301-865-4800

Here, you can enjoy peaceful, stress-free time just being with your horse.

Broken Spoke Stable LLC

Located in beautiful Garrett County, we are an equine educational facility. We offer full and pasture board, riding lessons for all ages, and horse training for all breeds including gaited horses. Our doubles trail rides are very popular and allow you to have a real riding experience.

If you vacation to our area, bring the kids for one of our fun lessons, we guarantee they will have a blast!!

We are women training horses for women

3783 Pleasant Valley Rd. • Oakland, MD 21550 301-616-4681 ••


visit them! Many stables host regular “open houses” and introductory lessons. Take this op- portunity to speak with staff and other students (or even other parents, if you are looking for a lesson barn for a child). Please be sure to call ahead to fi nd out if the sta- ble is a “public” facility open to the public during business hours, or a “private” facility that you must schedule an appointment to visit. We recommend you visit the facility more than once if possible. While visiting potential lesson stables, ask

yourself the following questions: 1) Staff

• Does the staff respond to inquiries in a friendly and helpful manner,

in person, and

over the phone/via e-mail? • Does the staff appear to be knowledgeable about horses, teaching, and business management? • Do the instructors continuously monitor the lesson for safety? • Do the instructors work with each rider to continued...



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