Ross Peddicord: Leading Us Forward, continued... taken Maryland’s horse industry international!

Sister Countries Te Maryland Sister State program was

founded around 40 years ago and is a product of the Maryland Secretary of State’s office and the Maryland Department of Com- merce. Te program focuses on international trade with sister countries sharing ideas and insights in a variety of industries. MHIB got involved only a few years ago when Bob Zhang became interested in pro- moting the Maryland horse industry abroad. “Zhang engineered two equine trips to China, the last one involving a delegation from MHIB in early fall 2019 to the Anhui province, our Chinese sister state,” Peddicord explained. Peddicord has also led trade missions to several other countries including France, Sweden and Ireland. In turn, MHIB has hosted delegations from these countries as well, taking them to all the hotspots of Maryland’s horse industry. As Peddicord moves into the next decade of

his career with MHIB, international recogni- tion continues to be a top priority.

The Next 10 Years When asked what he would like to see happen

for the industry in the future, Peddicord’s first

and immediate reply was, “to host the World Equestrian Games at Fair Hill in 2026.” He went on to explain that the newly renovated facility is already set up to host the sports of eventing, combined driving and even endurance. “When

tem throughout the state. “Really when you look at it, the whole state is a horse park!” he said with a smile. In addition to bringing WEG to Maryland,

Peddicord would like to see the state have a “one stop shop” website where anyone can gain information about all aspects of the in- dustry. “Tis is something that really needs to happen through partnerships within the industry. MHIB can’t do this. It has to come from the industry leaders.” More immediately, Peddicord sees an op-

Always a cheerleader for Maryland’s horse in- dustry, Ross Peddicord at Woodstock Equestrian Center grand opening in 2013.

you look at the whole park, which stretches into Pennsylvania, you can easily run a 100-mile en- durance race. Tey already have!” he pointed out. Peddicord also commented that although an official Maryland Horse Park has never been made, improvements to facilities such as Fair Hill and others have created a horse park sys-

portunity to upgrade the Prince George’s Equestrian Center in Upper Marlboro. “Tere are some things in the works already but that place could be a mega center able to run multiple shows at a time with the right planning and funding,” he said. All in all, despite these trying times we are

currently living through, Peddicord sees an incredibly bright future for Maryland’s horse industry and plans to keep us all moving

forward. “Maryland is one of the most afflu- ent states in the country and the horse industry here is growing,” Steele stated. “Tere is a need for MHIB to help grow and keep the industry growing and Ross is that person, our general, who helps get it all done.” | 800-244-9580




Located in Shippensburg, PA

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