engineers to visit a site, and allows monitoring operatives a broader span of control. However, the statistics are a stark reminder that the industry must act now to attract and educate new talent to support the application of new technologies as it increases.

Skills initiatives

Every year at IFSEC International, Europe’s leading security event, a national competition, Engineers of Tomorrow, shines a spotlight on apprenticeships within the installer sector, recognising new talent. With the growing skills gap the need for such an event has never been greater.

As a founding stakeholder, NSI has played an integral role in the EoT initiative for over twenty years. NSI expert auditors conceive the skills tests, alongside other industry and technology experts, and adjudicate the competition. EoT has created a high profile showcase for the installer community at large, not just those currently employing apprentices, to understand the value of apprenticeship opportunity, both for employers and colleges. Notwithstanding the good work in generating more interest from employers, encouraging those currently in full time education to consider an engineering career in the security

and fire safety sector is a key strategy. To this end, EoT is now working with WorldSkills Live – an annual event. This international platform targets schools to promote the value of a range of different careers.

It showcases particular industry sectors, including engineering and technology, and hosts a competition pitching the best apprentices the UK has to offer against overseas counterparts. Plans are currently underway to use the existing EoT competition as the basis for selecting the most competent Fire, Emergency and Security Systems Technicians for future international competitions.

Raising standards

As a Certification Body in the security and fire sector, NSI is proud to be an active ambassador for apprenticeships.

Keeping abreast of new technologies, latest industry standards and codes of practice is imperative for companies in order to provide buyers of security and fire safety services with the most effective security measures.

Organisations best placed to deliver such services include NSI-approved companies, who

© CI TY S ECUR I TY MAGAZ INE – AUTUMN 2 0 1 9 www. c i t y s e c u r i t yma g a z i n e . c om

are subject to a continuing independent audit programme which seeks evidence of compliance with the latest standards, requires corrective actions where needed and evidence of commitment to continual improvement. In so doing they are increasingly recognising the importance of apprenticeships and the ‘Engineers of Tomorrow’, as the industry strives in the delivery of its mission.

Richard Jenkins Chief Executive

National Security Inspectorate (NSI)

UKAS-accredited NSI is the UK’s leading independent third party certification (TPC) body within the security systems, fire safety and guarding services sectors, helping to protect homeowners, businesses, the public sector and the general public through rigorous audit of more than 1,800 security and fire safety providers nationwide.

*Taken from Engineering UK 2017 Synopsis and Recommendations Report 2017_synopsis.pdf



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