rofessionalism is one of the key qualities a client looks for when enlisting the services of a security company., Getting under the skin of your customers and going above and beyond the call of duty is worth its weight in gold.

Professionalism goes

beyond accreditations

A solid security

presence is vital to the safety of our society. Whether it’s the manned guarding of public places or

electronic security solutions to safeguard people and places, ensuring that you have the right level of security measures in place is a key priority. Of course, this requires an investment, but when it comes to shopping around for the right provider, professionalism and quality should always be prioritised over price tag.

True professional security is hard to find. The most respected companies are the ones that take the time to truly understand their clients’ needs, tailoring a solution to suit rather than offering a one-size-fits-all approach.

Safety comes first

Professionalism only comes with the highest levels of training and the right qualifications. Not only does this instil confidence in customers, it will also equip security officers with the skills required to tackle any situation. After all, it’s people that make all the difference. It doesn’t matter how advanced security installations and communication systems are; ultimately, people will have to assess the actual risks, make decisions and take specific actions. Achieving this requires a robust selection process, the highest standards of training and education, and ongoing mentoring and clear direction.

It is important to select a provider that can demonstrate it operates to the very highest standards in the industry, for example by gaining SIA Approved Contractor Status and ISO 9001, the Department of Trade and Industry’s seal of approval for consistent

standards, systems and procedures. Other standards bodies, such as NSI, can provide a range of certifications, right up to a full GOLD certification and can certify whether security officers are vetted and trained to British Standards.

An extension of the team

Clients want their security officers to be an extension of their team. To achieve this, first of all, a security provider needs to get under the company’s skin to fully understand their needs. Each business is different, with varying requirements, so it makes sense to tailor the approach to accurately reflect the type of assignment in which guards are to be placed. From creating a bespoke solution, to providing customer-branded uniforms to ensure cohesion across the workforce, being at one with the customer is the ultimate showcase of dedication.

Added value

Professionalism is about exceptional service and another way to demonstrate this is through value added services. Of course, the safety of the public and colleagues comes first, but often security guards have the skills and capacity to deliver additional, less traditional services for a client, such as looking after inbound and outbound mail, or carrying out a weekly fire alarm test, for example.

Security officers are often a customer’s first point of contact within a workspace, as they often operate at the front of house, within the public’s immediate view. From a visitor’s perspective, everyone who works in a facility should appear to be part of the overall team, and should be approachable and knowledgeable about the place in which they work. It is therefore important to develop and embed people skills throughout the entire workforce – and security officers are a very important part of this equation.

It is key to select a security provider that trains its staff to encompass both operational excellence and outstanding social skills, so as

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to provide a fully rounded service. For example, at Trigion, in addition to regular security training, our guards also receive training in people and communication skills. We call this ‘Hostmanship’ – the art of making people feel welcome.

Good Hostmanship encompasses actions such as customer care, quality, friendship and hospitality. It begins with a welcoming and open attitude to all people and situations. This can be something as simple as assisting with directions, helping on reception, or delivering first aid services, to dealing with a full-blown emergency, such as a fire, hold-up or accident.

This helps boost our colleagues’ self-esteem and build their confidence to communicate and engage with their peers and clients effectively. By developing and honing interpersonal skills, a caring and professional approach is introduced to our work. In return, our colleagues are more motivated and committed to their tasks and have a better understanding of their client’s needs.

Invest in professionalism

It’s not always about finding the cheapest solution. The focus should be on a high quality service that doesn’t compromise on safety. By adopting a truly smart approach, and combining traditional manned security services with electronic fire and security solutions, you can make significant efficiencies, whilst at the same time maintaining high levels of safety and security.

Paul Grist Director UK Trigion Security Services



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