Future of Retail — Customer Engagement

issue 05

Digital receipts and the associated data and customer communication opportunities that come with them offer a direct and clear path for bricks-and-mortar stores to maximise mobile customer engagement.

want. Around two thirds of customers now say they would like a digital receipt and many would be more likely to shop at a store which offers them.

IMPROVED CUSTOMER AND SALES DATA Along with the appeal of digital receipts the new systems also allow physical stores to link customers to their transactions. Providing a rich and invaluable source of data including purchase history, basket analysis, returns, offer and loyalty redemptions. All data is provided in real time and can be configured in an unparalleled range of criteria to meet the retailer’s requirements, from payment methods and top selling items down to individual store and cashier performances. This level of detail gives stores a clear insight

into their business as well as shopper activity and when combined with online transactions it significantly improves the single customer view – a major asset to chief financial officers and digital marketeers when it comes to making key business decisions. Insightful in-store data provides a key opportunity to close the circle between online and offline environments and gives retailers the ability to provide an ever more engaging and seamless experience for in-store shoppers.

A NEW CUSTOMER COMMUNICATION CHANNEL Being able to communicate with customers in a way that is interesting and relevant to them is a key factor in increasing customer engagement and improving brand loyalty. Simply put, customers are more likely to shop at a store if the in-store experience is made easier, more interesting, personal and enjoyable. The latest digital receipting technologies

now offer stores the chance to open up a new and engaging communication channel that is relevant to their customers. Rather than just providing an email – a format which is now becoming less convenient and engaging to consumers – receipts along with coupons, vouchers and rewards can be sent in a mobile format with which most consumers are now actively engaged. As a result, retailers can expect to see greater uptake, ‘open’ rates and an improved customer experience in-store with reduced time at the till as the need for email addresses is eliminated. Furthermore, the ability to engage customers

post purchase, by sending relevant personalised offers recommendations and follow-on communications means retailers have a direct means to increase repeat customer traffic and maximise engagement with their brand. With the ever increasing use of smartphones

and mobile technologies by consumers in the retail environment, paper receipts are now becoming less relevant and engaging for consumers. Digital receipts and the associated data and customer communication opportunities that come with them offer a direct and clear path for bricks-and- mortar stores to maximise mobile customer engagement. For retailers, digital receipt transformation

is now a much smoother and simpler process, enabling them to easily capture insightful data that actively addresses their own specific requirements without being overwhelmed by big data. It is smart data linked to customer

transactions that is now proving to be the key component to inform and enhance customer engagement strategy and improve the in-store customer experience.

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