Inspiration for the term ahead, plus giveaways for your school Agenda ‘Over £1,200 for a sponsored shave!’

After nurturing an increasingly fulsome beard for the fi rst 11 weeks of lockdown, school dad Howard Hughes decided to brave the shave, and raise funds for Tipton St John CofE Primary School PTFA. Co-chair Gemma Richards explains how. ‘Howard contacted us with a lovely letter (below), which set out what he was proposing. We thought it was a wonderful idea, as not only would it raise some money for the PTFA, it would bring the school community together in an engaging and light-hearted way. We ran the idea past our headteacher, who gave her support, and allowed us to send out information on the sponsored shave via the school offi ce. After that, we set up a JustGiving page and Facebook fundraiser for collecting sponsorship, and started teasing the event on Facebook too. The shave went live on

Facebook at 6pm on 1 July, which was the 100th day of lockdown. Howard was a natural in front of the camera, and really played to the viewing audience. During the shave, there was a lot of interaction with those watching, which was great. We obtained £709.75 in sponsorship, and had this boosted to an amazing £1,209.75 by £500 match funding from Lloyds Bank!’

‘Our family fun night

raised some smiles’ When lockdown dampened plans for the Friends of St Edwards’ Family Fun night – originally scheduled for April 2020 – chair Clare Dervan decided to take it online. ‘We have an amazing school mum who is

a DJ with her own children’s entertainment company. She volunteered to host an online fun night free of charge and even organised the schedule for the evening. We set a date in June and decided to run the event at a family-friendly time of 6-7:30pm. Our main aim was to raise some smiles

from families in our school community and charge them an affordable price – we were conscious of the tough times some people were experiencing. To make it accessible for everyone, we set the ticket price at £3 per family. We sold tickets through our PTA Events website. We promoted the night on our

Facebook group, where we set up an event page, and the school kindly sent out details to families via their text system as well. The event was run on Zoom, with joining details provided only to those who had purchased tickets. It consisted of music, dancing, a scavenger hunt and online bingo. The whole thing was very lighthearted and lots of fun! Fourteen families took part in the

event, and we raised just under £50 – not a fortune, but we were happy because we achieved what we had set out to do.’ AUTUMN 2020 7

Dear parents, I’m contemplating the state of the world

and how that will affect the children when they return to school. Whilst there will probably be some funding for

the additional expense caused by COVID-19, I’m guessing that whatever we, as parents, can do to boost the funds of the Tipton St John Primary School PTFA will help make the experience less stressful for the children – and ourselves. This is a defi ning period of time for us all, and

one that has affected their childhoods. It’s how we act and present ourselves as parents that will determine how our children look back at this moment in time. So... to the point... My last shave was on the very last day of

freedom – 23 March, or 76 days ago (at time of writing, for you pedants). I REALLY, REALLY dislike my beard now! So

I propose a sponsored shave after 100 days, on 1 July 2020. Thanks to Gemma and Natalie for supporting me. And thanks to Fi for now making me sleep in the barn...!

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