FUNDRAISING – Personalised products

Choosing the design

Most printed products involve submitting a design or artwork. What are the options? Original designs – pupils will often be able to draw their design. Artwork may be printed individually for a unique item, or put together in a compilation, such as several self-portraits for a tea towel design. School logo – a popular choice, buyers will be drawn to items sporting the logo of the school they love. PTA logo – if you have a memorable PTA logo, it will act as free advertising when buyers are using the object. A design competition – ask pupils to enter designs and use the winning entry on your products. Bear in mind the design will need to have broad appeal. You might ask entrants to create drawings around a theme; if you’re raising money for a minibus, how about ‘wheels’ or ‘travel’? Local artist – approach an artist and ask if they will create something for you. Is there anyone with links to the school already? An original piece of artwork has the potential to appeal far beyond the school gates.

Safe collections Safety is paramount at the

moment, so how can you get goods to buyers’ homes? Send items home with the kids: If pupils are at school and the objects fi t into book bags, ask teachers to distribute them.

Offer contactless drop-offs on doorsteps: Bear in mind the practicalities – if you’re going by car, you may want to go in pairs (within your own household/bubble) so you don’t have to worry about parking. Another option is to divide orders among a team of reliable volunteers who can each cover a set area. This way, they can deliver products on foot or by bike, and it’s not too much for one person to handle.

Ask buyers to pick up from a collection point: A committe

member might offer their front garden or garage. Sort orders fi rst and bag them up for a quick collection. As a precautionary measure, make sure there’s someone keeping watch and available to help with any issues.

Mugs A personalised mug makes a great

gift for family members. Stuart Morris and Class Fundraising both offer a variety of styles, including mugs unique to each child’s design, group mugs that combine multiple pupils’ self-portraits, or a simpler option printed with your school’s logo. Offer coasters at the same time for more creativity and variety.

Bears Who can say no to a cuddly mascot

to cheer them through this tricky time? School Bears (school-bears. has a huge variety of customisable teddies on offer. You can personalise tops, jumpers or even the bear directly with a graphic of your choice to make the perfect companion. From keyrings to fully-jointed bears, there’s an option for every price range.

Tea towels The humble tea towel is a charming

way to bring a class together again. Collect a self-portrait from each

36 AUTUMN 2020

pupil who will feature on the tea towel – this could be a single class, year group, key stage or the whole school, depending on pupil numbers. Encourage teachers to join in too. The drawings are then combined and printed on tea towels. Class Fundraising and Countryside Art are able to print in multiple colours per towel. Class Fundraising is also offering three glittery colours, which make a good option for Christmas. Stuart Morris’s tea towels are available in a choice of three eco-friendly fabrics.

Practical pieces Coasters, keyrings and magnets

are a more attractive way to display artwork than creased paper stuck to the fridge door. These small items make ideal Christmas gifts and are a cheaper option if you’re looking to make the fundraiser more inclusive. Countryside Art offers keyrings and fridge magnets suitable for logo designs, while Class Fundraising’s coasters can be personalised to each child’s drawing.

Hanging decorations Hanging decorations are the perfect

item to sell around Christmas, as families can adorn their trees with their children’s artwork. Offer these every year so pupils can build up their own unique collection as they progress through the school. All My Own Work ( offers both square and circular hanging decorations.

Water bottles Encourage pupils to drink more

water with their own personalised bottle. Class Fundraising offers bottles personalised with individual drawings (ideal for avoiding mix-ups), or all printed with the same design or school logo.

For more information

● Visit for a full list of recommended printed

product companies. ● Turn to p29 to read our feature on personalised Christmas cards.

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