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t’s an incredible time to be a journalist if you’re involved in Brexit coverage in any way. The extraordinary has become the norm and every day massive stories and twists and turns are guaranteed. In this edition of The Journalist, Raymond Snoddy celebrates this boom time for journalists


and journalism in his column. And in an extract from his latest book, Denis MacShane looks at the role of the press in Brexit. Extraordinary times also provide the perfect conditions for cartoons and satirical illustration. In our cover feature Rachel Broady looks at the re-emergence of illustrated reportage, a form of journalism that came to prominence in Victorian times – and arguably before that with the social commentary of Hogarth.

A picture can indeed be worth 1,000 words. But some writers can also paint wonderfully evocative pictures with their deft use of words. And on that note, it’s a pleasure to have Paul Routledge back in the magazine with a piece on his battle to free his email address from a voracious PR database. More elegant writing can be found in our Media Anniversary regular feature by Jonathan Sale which this time looks at the first women editor of a national paper who was appointed in 1894. Our news section is packed with NUJ achievements and

battles and coverage of the recent TUC conference. I hope you find something of interest.

Christine Buckley Editor @mschrisbuckley



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Cover picture David Greene

Main feature 16 Drawing the news The re-emergence of illustrated news

News 03 Recognition win at Vice UK Agreement after 3-year campaign

04 Barriers to women photographers Conference shares best practice

05 UN told of BBC persian plight Threats to journalists’ families

06 TUC news What the NUJ had to say and more


10 Payment changed my life The work of charity NUJ Extra

12 Fleet Street pioneers Women in the top jobs

14 Database miners How they use personal details


09 Viewpoint 27 Story behind the picture 29 And finally...

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