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attending trade shows and conventions, and learning from one another,” he says, which he feels helped him in business. To newcomers to the recycling industry, Eubanks suggested they “join an association and be a part of it. Be a part of the groups that other recyclers are a part of especially your state association – they are great for learning. You have to keep learning,” he says, and a lesson his competitors are getting on the track.

G Greg Freeman

REG FREEMANbelieves one of the highlights of his career as a professional automotive recycler and a member of ARA was when he, Ed Anspach and Joe Nissanbaum took over ARA Services Corp. “We were asked by the exec- utive committee to take over, and bring it back from the

banks of death which we did by negotiating much of the debt down, and making promises we could keep until we recovered from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.” The owner of Freeman Auto Salvage in Carthage, Mo., from 1978 to 2012, he served as ARA President in 1995-1996, as well as on many ARA committees, as a regional director, president of the ARA Educational Foundation and CAR committee chair. “Along with Mike James of James Environmental, we developed the original CAR program.”

In 2012, Freeman sold his facility, and today con- tinues to buy and sell insur- ance salvage inventories in Joplin, Mo at Freeman Liquidators. “I’ve enjoyed the lifelong friendship of my auto recycling families, many who remain close to this day.”

If someone were to start out in this industry today, I’d tell them, “First join ARA and start networking. One’s busi- ness can grow quicker on the shared successful ideas and friendly membership – men- toring that will last a lifetime!”

38 Automotive Recycling | September-October 2016

ne of the things that BOB GRIGGERS is most proud of during his many years in the automo- tive recycling business is his effort at salvage yard beautification.

O Griggers, who together with his wife Brenda owned

Bob’s Auto Salvage in Byron, Georgia for 41 years, vis- ited Richard Copher’s facility in Tampa in the early 1972. “I had never seen a two-story building used in a salvage yard,” said Griggers, who noted that he had just begun build- ing a pole building for a warehouse but had cut the poles too short to have two stories. “I promised myself that I would always do more research when making construction plans in the future.”

That prompted Griggers to join with Clyde Parkman of Superior Auto Parts in Montgomery, AL; Peter Martyniuk of Bell City Auto Parts in Brantford, ON, and Ken Wright of Capital Auto Parts of Thomasville, GA to serve as ARA’s Yard Improve- ment and Beautification Contest Committee. Ironically, Griggers resigned from the committee in 1983 to enter the contest and won 1st place.

Additionally, beyond service to the Association, Griggers has served as chairman of the State of Georgia Used Parts Licensing Board, under five governors and with the Geor- gia Automotive Recyclers Associa- tion.

“ARA should be the heart of our industry. All of us benefit by the efforts of what, sometimes, may seem to be the efforts of a few.” As he predicted when he left the ARA presidency after 1996, “there would be fewer but more prof- itable facilities in our future. “I do not know about the latter, but we can all agree on fewer yards. I think there is still money to be made and personal satis- faction to be had in our industry. To those just starting out, I would say think large but start small.”

Bob Griggers

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