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Tech Knowledge By Andy Latham

Knowledge is Power and Profit

Technical Guides that Aid Dismantling


ver 8 million hybrids sold world- wide,” brags the latest Toyota advertisement in the UK. Toyota first sold a hybrid vehicle 18 years ago, they now sell hybrids in 90 coun- tries. In 2014 they captured 60% of global hybrid vehicle sales.

Hybrid vehicles are no longer niche vehicles that a few vehicle automotive recyclers encounter. They are mainstream vehicles and recyclers are coming into regular contact with these vehicles in their facili- ties. Auto recyclers now require up-to- date, easy-to-understand and accurate information on how to safely handle them in their workflow processes. Four years ago, the Automotive Recyclers Association developed and pro- duced the Hybrid Vehicle Dismantling Guide that was very well received, very relevant, and is still available now. To supplement this guide, the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has just pro- duced a new Automotive Recycler’s Guide to Hybrid Batteries, also available from ARA. Considerable effort was put into this excellent new document by a number of Technical Advisory Committee members, ARA staff, and the ARA University. The guide has been developed to aid correct diagnosis of battery condition, handling, storage and shipping of the high voltage battery packs from electric and hybrid vehicles. Designed to add knowledge and supplement Original Equipment Manufacturer factory service information, the guide is an essential tool for all vehicle recyclers across the globe and reflects the very high standards of the ARA, both members and staff. The guide is available as a PDF down- load from the ARA at a cost of $14.95 for members and $29.95 for non-members, and as a printed copy at $79.95.

30 Automotive Recycling | September-October 2016

The guide has been developed to aid correct diagnosis of battery condition, handling, storage and shipping of the high voltage battery packs from electric and hybrid vehicles.

I would like to per- sonally thank the whole Technical Advi- sory Committee for their work over the past months in put-

ting this together, and specifically mention Chuck Ossenkop, Ginny Whelan and Betsy Beckwith, who all went above and beyond in their efforts to get this guide published – thank you all for your talent, enthusiasm and stamina. – Andy Latham, Co-Chair

The TAC Mandate

ver many years since its inception, the Technical Advisory Committee has provided help, guidance and assis- tance to ARA members, the Executive Board and the global industry. The TAC is led by the committee chair or chairs – appointed by the ARA presi- dent, compromised of members of the association desiring to participate, and supported by ARA staff. Meetings take place at the annual convention and by teleconference at other times as deter- mined by the committee chair. The direction of the future for the TAC reflects the original terms of reference to “enhance the capacity of all ARA mem- bers to identify the development of auto- motive technology, its impact of auto- motive recycling and provide research and training.” We aim to become the “go to” global technical committee for auto- motive recycling across the globe by being the best at what we do. We are also looking to link with other national auto recycling associations by sharing our research so we can share theirs, and sup-


port the ARA University in their research, development and training with technical knowledge, use of facilities, staff, or equip- ment and more as they develop more in- depth training for the auto recycling community.

Some recent TAC successes include the excellent Hybrid Vehicle Dismantling Guide; presentation to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in Detroit; and the recent Automotive Recycler’s Guide to Hybrid Batteries that has been developed to aid correct diagnosis, handling, storage and shipping of high voltage battery packs from electric and hybrid vehicles – both hybrid guides are available to purchase on the ARA website, Among a number of projects, the com- mittee is currently working with Society of the Plastics Industry, the plastics industry trade association, to investigate the poten- tial for plastics from end-of-life vehicles to be recycled and re-used in brand new automotive parts. The TAC will be meeting at the upcom- ing 73rd Annual Convention & Expo in Baltimore. The session is planned for Saturday, October 29, from 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. The meeting is open to all members to attend and the committee welcomes any interested participants to join in the discussion.

Andy Latham is Managing Director of Salvage Wire, a unique Auto Recycling consultancy with a focus on Safety, Ethics, and Profitability for all clients. With over 30 years of experience

in the automotive industry, Andy shares his knowledge, ex- perience, and wisdom garnered as an engineer, manager, and leader. For more details of Salvage Wire Training please contact Andy Latham on, or look at the website

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