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ARA Action Latest News and Reports from ARA

Important ARA Governance Changes Go Into Effect

hanges impacting the governance structures of ARA have recently gone into effect that impact all members. This Spring the ARA Board of Directors approved a reduction in the number of Regional Director positions on the Board from 14 to seven. As part of this change, the number and geographic boundaries of regions representing ARA members was also changed. In the United States, the number of regions was decreased from ten to four, and in Canada the number of regions was decreased from two to one. There will continue to be 1 Regional Director for Europe and 1 for Asia/Pacific. The leadership position of ARA Affiliate Chairman was re-established.


These changes are the result of much discussion within ARA leadership for over a year and a half following an update

to the Association’s Strategic Plan in January 2015. That plan charged a work- ing group, chaired by ARA Past President Bill Tolpa, to make a recommendation to optimize the governance structures of ARA. One of the primary reasons for these changes is to utilize the Regional Director position as a more focused and efficient volunteer role.

The seven Regional Directors will con- tinue to have a seat on the ARA Board of Directors but will now be elected by the Affiliate Chairmen within their region. The Regional Director position will con- tinue to be a 2-year term, with elections held on a staggered basis.

Current Regional Directors Chad Counselman (US-South), Scott Robert- son (US-East), and Allen Prebble (Europe) will be continuing in their role for one more year to assist with the tran- sition. Elections for the U.S.-North, U.S.- West, Canada and Asia/Pacific regions will take place in September.

The simultaneous establishment of the Affiliate Chairmen will give each Regional

New ARA Website

fter months of planning, designing, writing, coding and testing, ARA’s new website is now live! All members are encouraged to take a look at Building on feedback from the members, the website has a whole new look and feel. “The website was designed to meet the needs of auto recyclers, consumers look- ing for recycled parts, and the general public looking for information,” explains ARA CEO Michael E. Wilson. “A modern, fresh look was important because we want this website to reflect the public face of the professional automotive recycling industry.” Content on the new website will be maintained and updated on a regular basis, improving the value, relevance and speed of delivery of news and information to members and other visitors to the website.


“Access to the latest information impacting our businesses is crucial,” says ARA President Mike Swift. “Website content will be integrated with all of our ARA social networking features, like Twitter and Facebook. The electronic newsletter will also push members to the website for more information. We want the ARA website to be the go-to resource for all things auto recycling.”

Usernames and passwords have been transferred over to the new website, which offers a more robust Members Only section where exclusive resources and news demonstrate the value of ARA membership.

10 Automotive Recycling | September-October 2016

Director a clear point of contact for every state, province, and country within their region to better facilitate communication and strengthen relationships between ARA and its affiliates, and recycler-to-recy- cler. Outreach to leaders in the affiliate community has been taking place to iden- tify eligible Affiliate Chairmen in each area with an ARA affiliate chapter.

Automotive Plastics Recovery Project Conducts On-Site Demonstration at ARA Member Facility

RA representatives gathered on July 14 at an ARA member facility in Binghamton, New York to examine the viability of collecting and recycling auto- motive plastics from end-of-life vehicles. Together with the Plastics Industry Trade Association (SPI), the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA), and Scout Environmental, representatives of ARA’s Technical Advisory Committee and the ARA University are working on a collab- orative research project to identify solu-


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