Scholarships to study in Israel

The Council for Higher Education, higher education institutions and other organizations offer a wide range of scholarships, fellowships and grants. The following schemes are a testament to Israel’s commitment to international scientific exchange, as well as the advancement of international education and world-class research across the country’s universities

Excellence Fellowship Program for International Postdoctoral Researchers The Council for Higher Education and the Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities grant a total of 20 two-year fellowships, allowing post-doctoral researchers of all fields to take on positions in Israel and work with leading scientists and scholars on cutting-edge research projects in science, social science and humanities.

Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program Co-sponsored by the Zuckerman Institute and the Council for Higher Education, the program awards post-doctoral fellowships to premiere researchers in STEM from North America to conduct research in Israeli universities.

Fulbright Israel Promotes student exchange at the highest academic level between Israel and the U.S. There are currently fellowship programs open to Americans to study and conduct research in Israel at the Master’s, PhD and post-doctorate levels, as well as faculty and teaching positions.

Council for Higher Education PhD Sandwich Fellowship Program Provides funding for up to one year to international PhD students of all fields, allowing them to conduct research in one of Israel’s top universities as part of their doctoral studies.

Masa Israel Journey A two to 10-month grant, open to students from the Jewish diaspora between the ages of 18 and 30 and/or graduates of secondary school, enrolled in academic programs in Israel.

Erasmus+ An EU program offering short-term credit mobility grants (three to 12 months) to students from European universities with cooperation agreements with Israeli institutions. Mobility grants are also offered to academic and administrative staff, enabling them to teach at partner higher education institutions abroad.

For more information on scholarships offered by other organizations, visit:

Apply to study in Israel in three steps

1 Find the best program for

you using the Council for Higher Education’s ‘Study in Israel’ website.

2 Apply directly to a course

at the relevant university or college. Admission requirements are listed on the institutions’ websites and include academic transcripts, proof of level of English, etc.

3 International students will

need an A/2 student visa. Applications should be submitted to the Israeli embassy or consulate in their home country.

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