says Maltzov. “We had lots of setbacks but we kept going, and eventually we managed to get big-paying customers.” Maltzov explains that advertisers and marketers

are often left in the dark when it comes to e-commerce platforms like Walmart or Amazon. “They often keep the data to themselves, so we built a solution that can better understand the ‘digital shelf’ — who the competitors are, what their pricing is and more.”

Spotting an opportunity After graduating from IDC Herzliya in 2018, Maltzov continued working on with his partner Nuri. Eventually, what started as working with small brands and agencies turned into collaborating with huge management platforms. even managed to turn some of the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic into an opportunity. “During Covid-19, people started to sell online more,” says Maltzov. “We were able to gain more customers and eventually had a lucky opportunity to be acquired by one of our biggest global customers, Teikametrics.”

Maltzov and Nuri have maintained their close

relationship with IDC. They managed a program within Zell called ZellX, which brings Zell alumni back to the university to tell their stories and share their insight into various topics to current students. They also partner with IDC through the Co-Op program, organizing internships at for students from both the RRIS and the Israeli school. “Some of these students were from computer science degrees, some from communications and some from business, some Israeli and some international, but it keeps the connection with IDC strong,” says Maltzov. “This was extremely important to us.” When asked what most helped him achieve his success, Maltzov remarks that the real beauty of IDC is the network of contacts he built there. Maltzov is now working as general manager of

the Israeli branch of Teikometrics, where he plans to remain for at least three years. After this, he wants to establish another company with Nuri, joking, “I have the entrepreneurship bug, which will never go away, so I’m sure I’ll establish a few more companies in the future.”

There are more than 30 research institutes at IDC and there are PhD programs in psychology, computer science and law

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16 Israeli Academia | 2021

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