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Dear readers, It’s a great privilege for me to present the

Israeli Academia magazine to you. These pages highlight just some of the excellent initiatives and research projects currently taking place in academic institutions across Israel — places that, as you will discover, are hotbeds of innovation. We find ourselves in the middle of a

transition period. Many elements of the education system are having to adjust and change in light of an unexpected, challenging reality. However, it’s also an inspiring time for science, technology and academia, with the value of knowledge and progress being perhaps more apparent than ever before. It’s also a time where, despite numerous restrictions on travel and limits on global

Best regards, Prof Yaffa Zilbershats

mobility, the importance of internationalization remains clear. Research shows that innovation flourishes in multicultural environments where people from different backgrounds, countries and disciplines work together to come up with exciting new ideas. International collaboration is thus essential, especially in response to global challenges, and this is one of the reasons why internationalization is a central component of the Israeli higher education system. Each new student and researcher enriches

our academic environment. We invite you to be part of it. Through this magazine, you’ll get a glimpse of Israel’s academic excellence; I hope it will inspire you to join our community and experience cutting-edge education.

Naomi Shalom Head of International

Policy and Cooperation, Council for Higher Education of Israel

Marissa Gross Yarm Head of International Student Affairs,

Council for Higher Education of Israel

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Yoav Alon; Yoram Reshef, Tel Aviv University

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Dani Machlis, Ben Gurion University of the Negev; lan Besor

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