11 JULY 2020 • SATURDAY DAILY MAIL Great British footwear

Norman Walsh, located in the heart of the North West, has been handcrafting traditional athletic and leisure footwear since 1961

T roughout the 1960s Norman Walsh refi ned his skills and manufactured specialist sports shoes of an incredibly diverse range, all handmade to suit indi- vidual customer needs. His foot- ball, cricket and athletics foot- wear were handcrafted for the likes of mountaineer Sir Chris Bonington, former England cricket captain Tony Greig and runners Roger Bannister and Ron Hill, to name but a few. Today, Walsh

continues to

demonstrate its suitability to the challenges of performance and durability through its vast port- folio of designs within its high- quality, handcrafted range. To mark the 2012 return of the

Olympic Games to London, Walsh announced its Casual Heritage Collection,

re-releasing some

of Normans’ greatest creations from an archive spanning over fi ve decades. In 2016, the Craftsmen released,

Project was using

traditional and infl uential materials as a testimonial to British craftsmanship. T e past decade has seen

several collaborations for the brand with high-end brands and

designers such as Paul Smith, Margaret Howell, Barbour, Fred Perry, Chivas Regal, Universal Works, L K Bennet and Joseph Cheaney. Walsh also partnered up with Marks & Spencer as a part of its ‘Best of British’ Collec- tion and currently collaborates with London-based Fortnum & Mason on exclusive Walsh foot- wear ranges. Walsh continues to have much

to off er with its wealth of avail- able styles, with some designs dating as far back as the 1960s and other creations having been devised from the team recently.

Browse online at T: 01204 370374

Fashion & accessories


Functional, feminine and fabulous clothing and apparel

3 Donkeys is a fun, ambitious, and innovative clothing company based in Devon that’s bringing a revolution in women’s coveralls with apparel to match

With a clear determination to make women’s workwear more practical, 3 Donkeys has found its niche and made a name for itself by selling the only 2-into-1 ladies coveralls on the market. Designed by women, for women — and proudly made in Britain — 3 Donkeys’ success


down to making practical and adapt- able coveralls that are functional, femi- nine — and just a little bit fabulous. With

two the sets inno- of

ladies’ coveralls — the Classic and the Dartmoor — both feature

vative 2-into-1 design. Consisting of a jacket and trouser, they can be joined at the

waist for full coverall protection or unzipped for fast and easy removal, and worn separately whenever you need to.


suited for wetter

autumn and winter outdoor work, the Dart-

moor coverall is made from 100% breathable Ventile fabric that gives full windproof, rain- proof, and water-re- pellent weather protec- tion. Ideal for riding and

equestrian activities or any

outdoor country

pursuits when you need ultimate protection from the elements.

THE CLASSIC COVERALL Made from hard-wearing, breathable polycotton fabric the Classic coverall

is perfect for keeping you protected for everyday jobs or leisure interests where

dirt or dust is unavoidable,

from farming, equestrian or smallholding duties to animal grooming, dog walking or gardening. In fact, the Classic is ideal for any undercover and dry outdoor work or lifestyle activi- ties you can think of. About town or in the country, the Classic has you covered.

While 3 Donkeys ladies cover- alls are perfect essentials for any yard and stable work or outdoor activities, the company also has a range of lifestyle apparel to go with them. Choose from T-shirts, caps and hoodies to keep you l o o k i n g stylish and comfortable w h er e v er you are.



Visit or call 01837 658328



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