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As lockdown lifts, the public’s interest in shopping is too. Mattie Lacey-Davidson talks to two British brands about summer trends and bouncing back

Chuka Umunna into GQ’s ‘best dressed’ list twice. At 26, she started her own brand and has been building it ever since.


HAS THE PANDEMIC HIT HARD? We were very busy, then coronavirus hit and we had to close, with appointments on hold, wedding suits postponed and people in fear of what was to come. T is was a fi nancial blow, but luckily we’ve had government support and loyal customers who’ve continued to order both online and with our made-to- measure service via Zoom. We opened our doors again on 15 June and have been very busy, which came as a massive relief.

WHAT ARE THE BIGGEST SUMMER TRENDS FOR MEN? With the tailored suit taking somewhat of a back seat, new

lexandra Wood was the fi rst female Savile Row tailor and helped get British politician

innovative fashions are taking their place. Year on year, men are getting more adventurous with their style. You’ll see more colour — from pastels to bold, punchy tones — with well put-together, matching combinations. T ere will be casual, lightweight suits made from cottons, linen mixes and lighter-weight fabrics. Men want comfort blended with style and this is the perfect solution. Floral shirts and interesting fabrics are taking hold too, as the dress-down code is currently well and truly implemented.

WHAT ARE YOUR TOP TIPS? Always ensure your clothes fi t you well — if the shoulders are too wide, have them tailored. Wear colours that lift your skin tone — the older you get, the lighter your clothes should become. Always choose fabrics which are high quality and avoid polyesters and viscose as they make you hotter than necessary by trapping heat in your body.


Over the past 270 years, Great British brands Swaine Adeney, Brigg and Herbert Johnson have provided services for the royal family, British military and countless stars of the silver screen

Honouring their heritage, these brands use time-old traditions to craft their lifetime pieces. T ey continue to pass on their values and stories to future generations by off ering world renowned restora- tion to uphold their timeless products. T eir bespoke

services allow you to personalise your chosen piece, design your Swaine Adeney bag or Herbert Johnson hat or customise your Brigg umbrella. T eir specialist teams will uphold your design down to the precise require- ments and you’ll be involved every step of the way. To begin your own story, get

in touch online and a customer service team will be on hand to assist you in bringing your very own design to life. Swaine Adeney is also proud

to announce the relaunch of Pendragon. One hundred and one years after

its inception,

T: 02074097277



and in the spirit of Pendrag- on’s founding father Sir Pendrill Varrier-Jones, Pendragon honours past traditions of British saddlery, luggage and trunk-making but is pioneering for new sustainable materials. Pendrag- on’s

fi rst collec-

tion of belts are available now.


mily Holmes Naden launched her womenswear brand Spirit & Grace after

working as a stylist and interning in London for Burberry, Harrods, Selfridges. All the brand’s items are

produced in tiny runs to retain an element of exclusivity, while also having a minimal impact on the environment.

HOW HAS THE PANDEMIC AFFECTED BUSINESS? Shoots have been cancelled or postponed due to lockdown, so creating new content for my website and social media has been challenging. It’s also been hard to put together my next collection, as my budget has had to be adjusted. People’s priorities have shifted; many have less disposable income, so sales have been aff ected across the entire industry.

WHAT ARE THE BIG SUMMER TRENDS FOR WOMEN? Ethereal infl uences are big, with lots of white, fl oaty and delicate dresses with ‘barely-there’

transparent fabrics. Luxury craft details are also proving popular, things like embroidery, fringing, crochet, and other handmade details that elevate clothes and makes them special. In terms of print, animal variations are here to stay but polka dot will be joining them for the summer.

WHAT ARE YOUR TOP TIPS? Dress for yourself, so you feel comfortable and confi dent — don’t wear something because everyone else is. Find your own aesthetic, take inspiration from others but always try to make it your own. But remember, less is more.


Crafting lifetime pieces since 1750

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