This will be Glover’s first time to

the AMC as part of WestJet’s East Team, and is looking forward to representing his airline on a world stage. “It was such a great honor when I got the call to join the team. For an event like this, I think it’s impossible to be fully prepared, but I feel like I’ve been preparing for the AMC for the past 20 years,” he said. “The AMC is definitely a unique situation. For me, it’s a challenge for the heart and soul, and I just hope we can finish among the top teams. And if not, we’re going to take away a great experience that will strengthen us all.”

president of AWAM, an organization that champions women’s professional growth and enrichment in aviation maintenance by sharing information, networking, education and outreach efforts.

“Our goal is to reach out to young

women and help mold the next generation of AMTs,” Gonzalez said. “South Florida has a huge aircraft maintenance presence down here. So, being able to reach out to them, show these women in school and within the industry that there’s many options for us is something we’re looking forward to doing.” Gonzalez is captaining American’s

first all-female team to the AMC. Named the Wicked Wrenches, the women are coming from bases throughout American’s system. “We’re a diverse group; we do a little bit of everything,” she said. “This is such an awesome experience for us. A lot of women on our team have as much as 20-years of experience. We’ll put our best foot forward and show what we’re made of.”

“If you’re an auto mechanic looking to make more money or to better yourself, I would really suggest exploring aviation,” Lauterborn said. “There’s so much more in- depth systems to learn; it’s just very rewarding.”

As a lead technician for JetBlue

working from the airline’s hub at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, Lauterborn coordinates the overnight work schedule for his team. “Every night we have about 45 technicians working on a few dozen airplanes, and seeing all the work get done safely and completed by morning is almost like a magic show,” he said. “I really enjoy seeing a plan come to fruition by the following morning and everything working out.” Team JetBlue consists of technicians from stations throughout the airline’s system, including Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Washington Reagan National and Newark. Being an alternate on last year’s team gave Lauterborn great preparation and insight on what to expect when he grabs the Snap-on tools in Dallas. “We’re going to put everything


AMERICAN AIRLINES Elena Gonzalez is hoping to reach girls at a young age, and pique their interest about following in her footsteps that led right into aviation maintenance. Gonzalez graduated high school in 2010 from George T. Baker Aviation in Miami, Florida, with her powerplant license. A short time later she went back and added her airframe license as well. She’s parlayed that early start into a promising career as an aircraft technician for American Airlines in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Already looking to give back, Gonzalez is the South Florida chapter

22 | apr 2020

we can into it,” he said. “Most of the guys have been on past JetBlue AMC teams, so we’re just going to give it our all and really go for it this year.”

GUSTAVO NAREZ – WSU TECH Gustavo Narez is no stranger to aviation…or the classroom. After earning his degree in

CASEY LAUTERBORN - JETBLUE Casey Lauterborn spent the first part of his career working as a diesel engine mechanic before making the jump into aviation…and he hasn’t looked back.

aerospace engineering in 2013 from the University of Texas-Arlington, he found his way back to school, enrolling in the aviation maintenance program at WSU Tech in Wichita, Kansas.

“What I’m doing with the

program is finding more practical approaches to aviation maintenance,” Narez said. “I love planes, and that’s

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