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Cathie O’Dea @CathieodeaTC Travel Counsellors A beautiful sunset view of Platanias and the sea in Crete. The climb was worth it! #magicalmemories

Rocky: Refunds woe

Story: Rocky Mountaineer makes U-turn over refund policy They will be limping for a while after shooting themselves in the foot like that. Great product but it was a terrible policy. Matthew Ruth

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Gemma Antrobus @LuxuryTravelGem Haslemere Travel I love it when suppliers are so considerate. Had client on flights at crack of dawn but supplier can see flights for the same price at more sociable hours and wanted to know if my client would prefer them.

Saga: Sales team cuts will cost

Story: Saga to reduce size of trade sales team It’s sad but a business necessity. However, Saga should not underestimate the teams that brought it millions of pounds of business in over the years and have a great client relationship. It will cost to develop that all over again. Chris Oakes

Allan Lambert @allanlambert VisitEngland Wonderful to see steady stream of holidaymakers arrriving in the southwest. Cars, motorhomes, caravans and campervans – laden with bikes, kayaks and ribs – ready for happy holidays.


The best of your letters, comments and social media this week RCNs: Government should have acted months ago

Story: Government confirms refund credit note protection About time – this announcement should have been made nearly four months ago. This doesn’t make the world right, but does give some much-needed official credibility to RCNs. A lot of the debate/friction/ silliness could have been avoided if the government had issued this statement at the end of March. Jonathan Wall, Elman Wall

Cruise: Thanks for lobbying FCO Vouchers: Iata can’t now cry wolf

Story: FCO clears way for river cruise return Congratulations to those who have worked hard with Clia to get the FCO advisory changed to reflect the difference between ocean and river. And best wishes for the efforts to get the FCO to allow all cruising once all protocols are met. James Hill

Story: ‘Use of vouchers will accelerate cash burn’ Iata appears to have forgotten that the customers and travel agents paid them months in advance for flights that did not take place. They can hardly cry wolf when customers seek to use the vouchers they issued in defiance of the law. Alan Bowen

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