How remains at the forefront of travel

The role of technology and the importance of digitisation is key now more than ever before. Innovation has always been central to’s mission. The global OTA has been digital from the get-go and is truly mobile-ĥUVW when it comes to design, experience and function. Travellers demand information

quickly, no matter where they are in the world.’s award-winning mobile app provides an easy one-stop-shop for travel products. Available in 21 languages across 31 countries and regions, travellers can ERRN ĦLJKWV KRWHOV WUDLQV DQG UHQWDO cars anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds.

Travel companion The mobile app, which has been downloaded over 18 million times globally, makes travelling on the go a breeze. The app is with the traveller every

step of the way, from planning a trip to returning home. 1RWLĥFDWLRQV RQ the day of departure alert the traveller to their gate number and, when boarding starts, is often quicker than signs at the airport. Upon landing, their hotel name

and address can be easily displayed in the local language, which helps avoid those awkward conversations with the cab driver. What’s more, if a traveller wants to book an attraction or hire a car during

their trip, they can do a local search with details and currency in their home settings – wherever they are in the world. The blazingly-fast search ability means a whole host of tours and attractions are bookable within seconds, which adds to the ease of booking on the go.

Customer service has always prided itself in SXWWLQJ WKH FXVWRPHU ĥUVW ZLWK LWV 24/7 complimentary service, and its use of technology really elevates that experience. On the app, for example, there are options to reach the customer service team on multiple pages, while VoIP means there is no need to worry about expensive overseas phone calls. Service Chat allows the traveller to message when they can’t talk. This is faster than email, available around the clock, requires no call-holding time and is free. has recently enhanced its cancel-and-rebook process. Flexible options are promoted and tagged for the traveller when they are searching, and there is a one-step cancel and rebook feature on the app, which makes last-minute changes to travel plans smoother than ever before.

Real-time information Travellers need up-to-date reliable travel information, especially in relation to the complex restrictions imposed by the pandemic.’s COVID-19 international travel guide provides easy access to the most recent information on border restrictions as well as cancellation policies. The traveller can instantly see, via

D WUDĩF OLJKW V\VWHP ZKHWKHU WKHLU destination is considered safe, if they should apply caution or whether they should avoid non-essential travel. 7KH\ FDQ HYHQ VHW XS QRWLĥFDWLRQV WR prompt them if there is a change to a VSHFLĥF WUDYHO FRUULGRU

Surprise and delight is continually innovating and DLPV WR RĪHU WKDW OLWWOH H[WUD That’s ZK\ WUDYHOOHUV FDQ ĥQG D ZHDOWK RI features within the app. From currency converters and

travel check lists, to dark mode functionality and a new widget for iOS14 users, travellers are surprised at how much one app can do. Finally, the content-rich Trip Moments part of the app provides inspiration from 30,000 other travellers. Displayed like a social feed, travellers can post reviews to earn points, also known as Trip Coins. Find out more at:

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