JUNE TRACY GRAYBAEL, an operator at Pelton Round Butte, retired June 1 after 29 years with PGE. Graybael lives in Madras.


CHARLIE CLARK, a customer service representative with Customer Contact Operations at TCC, retired July 1 after 36 years with PGE. Clark said he saw a lot of change during his time here. Most notably for Clark was the conversion from our legacy CIS system to Banner CIS — a replacement he said created challenges for the meter reading department where he worked because it scrambled the routes. “We had to remember the route order and read the route as best we could. It took two to three months, and then everything was back to normal. We had to be very patient.” Clark said another memorable moment involved a volunteer activity in 1989 where he helped landscape an elderly customer’s yard with his fellow co-workers. Clark, who lives in Corbett, is looking forward to hiking, gardening, going to the beach, golfing and relaxing during his retirement.

RICK DURST, a project manager with Customer Energy Solutions at WTC, retired July 1 with approximately 28 years of service. Durst lives in Oregon City.

ROLAND ERDMAN, a plant serviceman at Beaver, retired July 1 after 40 years with PGE. Erdman lives in Rainier.

LAWRENCE GRAMES, a fuel equipment operator at Boardman, retired July 1 after approximately six years of service. Grames lives in Hermiston.

ANNETTE MATTSON, a specialist in Government Affairs at WTC, retired July 1 with approximately 35 years of service. Mattson lives in Portland.

SALLY MOORE, a specialist in IT Program Management at WTC, retired July 1. Moore started her 46-year career in stenographic services at the former Electric Building in downtown Portland. Moore, who lives in Milwaukie, is looking forward to taking trips to Maui, embarking on a kitchen remodel and spending more time with her granddaughter.

SCOTT OLSON, a senior developer with IT Customer Service Applications at WTC, retired July 1 after approximately 17 years with PGE. Olson lives in Portland.

SANDA SMITH, a specialist with Server & Storage Operations at WTC, retired July 1 after 10 years with PGE. Smith lives in Aloha.

ROBERT SPATEHOLTS, a specialist with Eastside Biological Services at Pelton Round Butte, retired July 1 after 12 years with PGE. Spateholts lives in Prineville.

RONALD TUNING, a project manager in the Corporate Project Office at WTC, retired July 1 with 9 years of service. Tuning lives in Newberg.

CORNELL TROUW, a senior develop with IT Applications at WTC, retired July 1 after 9 years with PGE. Trouw lives in Beaverton.

VAL YILDIROK, a term trader with Fuels Trading at WTC, retired July 1 after approximately 22 years of service. Yildirok lives in Portland.

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ROBERT FRIEND, a retired plant electrician residing in Hermiston, died May 21. Friend was 70 and is survived by his stepson, Allen Iverson.

FREDERICK LAMOUREAUX, a retired vice president of power operations residing in Warren, died June 13. Lamoureaux was 77 and is survived by his wife, Mollie Lamoureaux; sons, Chris Lamoureaux and Brian Lamoureaux; and daughter, Tracy Lamoureaux.

HARRY MONTGOMERY, a retired working line foreman residing in Oregon City, died May 19. Montgomery was 91 and is survived by his wife, Ethel Montgomery; sons, Michael Montgomery and Patric Montgomery; and daughter, Rebecca Steed.

TONY PERAGINE, a retired service inspector residing in Gresham, died May 20. Peragine was 87 and is survived by his wife, Leona McDonald.

ROBERT THOMAS, a retired engineer supervisor residing in St. Helens, died June 2. Thomas was 85 and is survived by his wife, Virginia Thomas.

JOHN WHITTEN, a retired wireman residing in Portland, died June 4. Whitten was 88 and is survived by his daughter, Susan Haage; son John Whitten Jr; and grandson, Donald Graham.

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