On the move


Bane Braunschweig, specialist, senior network, Intel/Windows Systems, WTC

Greg Davis, engineer II, electrical, System Control Center Support, WTC

Tony Eaquinto, supervisor V, distribution, Southside Service & Design, Salem Line

Drazen Galic, specialist IV, communications, Enterprise Telecommunications, Avery

Trevor Hoagland, specialist IV, IT CIP security, Information Risk Management, WTC

Chad Hunter, analyst III, information security, Information Risk Management, WTC

Charode Johnson, specialist VI, balancing authuthority operations, Reliability Services, WTC

Jeffrey Kaiser, specialist III, service & design project management, Central Service & Design West, PSC

Josh Kliever, analyst IV, finance, Corporate Planning, WTC

Jessica Markovich, specialist II, Power Supply Engineering Services, WTC

Derek Mathes, hydro maintenance, West Side Hydro Project, Oak Grove

Kendra Miranda, specialist II, Business Continuity & Emergency Management, WTC

McKena Miyashiro, analyst I, business, Rates & Regulatory Affairs, WTC

Collin Pickerill, storeroom, Eastside Warehouses, PSC

Vidhan Shukla, analyst I, IT Applications, WTC

Bob Simpson, manager I, Meter Services Shop, Rose City

Daniel Syverson, engineer III, electrical, Substation Engineering, Avery

Alexis Ulmen, storeroom, Westside Warehouses, Avery

Satyasai Vaddadi, analyst IV, senior developer, IT Applications, WTC

6 | July 2017

David Zelmer, engineer III, electrical, Substation Operations Technology, Avery


Micah Bennett to specialist II, environmental science, Eastside Biological Services, Pelton Round Butte

Tanner Bertsch to specialist III, Utility Asset Management, Beaverton Line

Brandy Bissonette to specialist II, projects, T&D Project Services, PSC

Joe Colett to specialist IV, Customer Energy Solutions, WTC

Wes Coutts to derrick truck operator, Eastern Line Crews, Gresham Line

Robby Curtis to specialist II, service & design project management, Eastern Service & Design, Gresham Line

Ryan Engelbart to engineer I, Eastern Service & Design, Gresham Line

Jennifer Evers to specialist III, Line Dispatch, Avery

Brian Foster to specialist V, Substation Operations Technology, Avery

Melinda Gianella to coordinator, Substation Operations Support, Avery

Julio Gomez to storeroom head, Westside Warehouses, Sunset Line

Cary Gray to cable splicer, Central Service & Design Underground Network Construction, Rose City

Philip Grove to derrick truck operator, Eastern Line Crews, PSC

Cindy Hodges to project manager, Corporate Project Office, WTC

Rachel Jimenez to customer service representative, Customer Contact Operations, TCC

Vasilisa Kasachev to specialist III, Line Dispatch, Avery

Han Le to engineer II, electrical, Distribution Engineering, PSC

Asa Richelderfer to specialist IV, Line Planning & Scheduling, Avery

David Spencer to battery man, Substation Maintenance, Avery

Nicki Stewart to analyst IV, business, Corporate Accounting, WTC

Matthew Willmschen to specialist IV, Line Planning & Scheduling, Avery


35 YEARS John Linn, Power Supply Engineering Services, WTC

Jeff Wheeler, Power Operations, WTC

30 YEARS Carol Dillin, vice president, Customer Strategy & Business Development, WTC

25 YEARS Robert Coffman, Meter Services, Avery

Kelly Foster, Supply Chain, Materials, WTC

Wanda Phillips, Records & Information Management, WTC


Brandon Hendricks, Operations, Boardman

Salome Mendoza, Central Service & Design Underground Network Construction, Rose City

Luis Ochoa, Southern Line Crews, Salem Line

Leanna Whitaker, Operations, Pelton Round Butte

Danny Williams, Transformer Shop, PSC

15 YEARS Julie Andrade, Substation Operations, Avery

Patricia Divine, Customer Contact Operations, TCC

Kendra Flora, CIS & MDM Replacement, CSS in Tualatin

Ethan Guinn, IT Applications, WTC

Jerry Lewis, Network Data Operations, Rose City

Gregory Nelson, Customer Technical Services, WTC

Barbara Norman, Corporate Tax, WTC

Casey O’Donnell, Service Coordination, TCC

Tracy Watson, Server & Storage Operations, WTC


Dave Anderson, Realtime Marketing Operations, WTC

Timothy Anderson, Hydro Operations Support, WTC

Rose Catabay, Eastside Warehouses, Oregon City

Rekha Chunduri, IT Applications, WTC

Butch Fergus, Southern Line Crews, Woodburn

Hart Ferguson, Meter Services Field, Rose City

Steve Hufford, Office of the CIO, WTC

Dan Kirkpatrick, Fleet & Garage Operations, Wilsonville Line

Amanda Lee, Eastside Warehouses, Rose City

Dan Loomis, Central Service & Design West, PSC

Alfie Sanchez, Western Line Crews, Beaverton Line

Andrew Schurter, West Side Hydro Project, Faraday

Krista Stevens, Health Services, WTC

Philip Willis, Western Line Crews, Sunset Line

Emilie Witkowski, Corporate Planning, WTC

Garth Wyatt, Westside Biological Services, Faraday

5 YEARS Dan Cramer, Westside Biological Services, Faraday

Matthew Craven, Strategic Asset Management, WTC

Chad Dilg, Geospatial Information Services, WTC

Fathia Harrak, WTC Conference Center, WTC

Rohit Jain, IT Applications, WTC

Seth Nicholson, Operations, Tucannon River Wind Farm

Bryan Stockmann, WTC Construction & Maintenance, WTC

Paul Wallman, WTC Construction & Maintenance, WTC

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