Jay Dudley says goodbye to PGE

For Jay Dudley, vice president, general counsel and corporate compliance officer, PGE’s success comes from tremendous teamwork and leadership.

“We achieve great things with our great employees. It has been a privilege to be one of the employees helping PGE on its journey,” Dudley said.

A passionate and skilled musician, Dudley described his 29-year career at PGE as being part of a band with each team member working together to create the perfect harmony, rhythm and tone for our company.

“I want to thank the many people I have worked with, because you have been my bandmates along this chapter in my life, and I’m lucky to have been part of this band,” Dudley said. “I’m proud of all the work my bandmates have done to support PGE and our customers.”

Dudley joined PGE in 1988 as a member of the Legal department. While in Legal, Dudley worked on regulatory, contract and siting issues. During his time on the officer team, he oversaw all of our legal affairs and coordinated the company’s internal audit, ethics and compliance and FERC compliance activities.

“Jay has a tremendous legal mind and has done a great job protecting company interests and serving as a tireless advocate for ethics and compliance,” said Jim Piro, president and CEO. “He has worked hard to enhance our ethics and compliance programs — always encouraging us to operate with the highest level of integrity.”

During retirement Dudley and Hanan, his wife of 44 years, plan to enjoy their free time with some travel and more time with family. Dudley also plans to continue with his music.

Pictured above: Jay Dudley leaves PGE just shy of his 10-year anniversary of joining the officer team as vice president, general counsel and corporate compliance officer.

Community members and employees from all across the company came to say their goodbyes and wish Dudley, left, a happy retirement June 19 at his career celebration.

“It has been an honor to be part of a company that really strives to do the right thing.”

— Jay Dudley, vice president, general counsel and corporate compliance officer

2017 Portland Rose Festival 3 1

1. Dana Vandeberghe, a supervisor with Substation Operations Support at Avery, helped our volunteer crew distribute and collect more than 3,000 trash bags at the PGE/SOLVE Starlight Parade.

2. Our Grand Floral Parade float, which received the Theme Award for best representation of the “Brilliant” theme, celebrated two major milestones — more than 150,000 PGE customers have chosen to power their homes with renewable power and the upcoming Aug. 21 total solar eclipse.


3. This year, the Power Dragons celebrated 20 years of participation in the dragon boat competition. The team paddled their way into the Division 2 semifinals.

4. More than 80 employees, family and friends volunteered to help keep the parade the “cleanest and greenest” in America.


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