The company first announced the purchase of Execujet’s MRO operations, and then just a few days later, the acquisition of TAG Aviation’s European MRO operations. The addition of the well-respected MRO operations are setting the stage to expand customer support in Europe, Africa and Asia. The impetus is a growing global Falcon fleet, customers who are traveling farther abroad and an all-new Falcon (the 6X) which is expected to come online in less than three years.

“The acquisition of the maintenance activities of Execujet and Tag Aviation respectively will allow us to strengthen Dassault Aviation’s global footprint, especially in Asia-Pacific, Oceania, Middle-East and Africa and reinforce our European service center network,” said Eric Trappier, Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation during the recent announcements.

Acquiring major providers of MRO services and expanding the customer service center network are part of a larger strategy and come on the tail of recent management changes. In January, Dassault appointed Jean Kayanakis as Senior VP of Worldwide Falcon Customer Service taking the helm from long-time employee, Jacques Chauvet, who retired this year.

Reporting to Kayanakis is Geoff Chick, who will take on a new strategic role as Senior Vice President, Worldwide Service Network. Chick will oversee the strategic integration of the new maintenance facilities that will officially become part of the Falcon Service Network.

This magazine recently interviewed Chick for an on-the-ground perspective about how the new acquisitions will affect Falcon customers.

Was Dassault on the hunt to buy an MRO network or was this the right opportunity at the right time?

We were strategically looking for ways to increase the capacity of the Falcon network for the long term and for ways to have more direct influence over the customer experience in all aspects. We were thinking about how to shape ourselves and meet our long term strategic objectives. This was part of a very carefully constructed plan to grow the Falcon customer support network, or our “global footprint” as we’ve become fond of calling it.

What was it about Execujet’s reputation in particular that made them a good fit?

Execujet are well established in the region, and have a very good reputation. They also have a very simple mission statement they share across the organization with respect to the services they provide: aircraft must leave on time, on budget and defect free. This is perfectly in line with our own objectives and they seem to accomplish this consistently according to customer feedback. We thought that would make this an appropriate partnership.

What made TAG maintenance attractive as a European partner to Dassault?

TAG has been a partner of Dassault for over 20 years, and is a company that has a very similar set of values as we do. They have been specializing in Falcon maintenance in Europe and have a good reputation for quality and service. They were a natural candidate.

Collectively, both companies have a significant global footprint. How will you integrate this with current Dassault-owned service centers for a seamless customer experience?

Some facilities within the Execujet maintenance and TAG maintenance family were already ASCs (Authorized Service Centers) and we’re very familiar with them. The integration element is to add Falcon support capability to locations where it makes sense and making sure people are trained to the standard we expect. Training and communication will be two areas where we will invest heavily. Of course this cycle also includes monitoring and providing feedback.

Are the Execujet and TAG facilities going to be rebranded?

We do not have a plan to rename or rebrand the facilities, although there will have to be some subtle changes to reflect the change in shareholder. They’ve each done a good job providing multi-brand services and we don’t want to change that. Nor will they become Falcon exclusive facilities. They will maintain their identity and people. They have a good recipe and we don’t intend to change it. We simply want to increase the number of services and make sure that those services are provided at the high standard we have for all Falcon customers.arpening of the customer experience package as we see it.

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