Travolta may have played a winged angel in the movie “Michael,” but in real life he holds real wings for several makes and models. His accreditation includes type ratings for the Dassault Falcon 2000, the Boeing 747 and 707-G2, the Challenger 601 Lear Jet, the Citation, the Hawker, the Eclipse, the Soko, the Vampire and the Canadair CL Tebuan jet.

Travolta’s hometown of Englewood, New Jersey is a mere stone’s throw from Dassault FalconJet’s Teterboro headquarters. Having Dassault locations in Stuart, Florida and Teterboro is a boon to his travel, Travolta said. Both locations are optimal for his needs, especially as he looks forward to taking delivery of his Falcon 900.

“When possible, flying is an almost daily pastime,” Travolta revealed. He said a home that also serves as an airport might seem unconventional, but it is the culmination of a dream that allows him the flexibility to pursue an infatuation he has held since the age of four.

“Flying is everything,” Travolta said. “It’s the ultimate to have the globe at your beck and call and the runway in your back yard. It’s a dream.” Travolta considers himself lucky to have his family as his passengers on many of these flights. They have flown with him all over the world, he said.

Philanthropy Takes Flight Travolta has now taken to making those dreams come true for others through his position as a certified pilot and a private aircraft owner. In 2010, Travolta helped Oprah Winfrey plan an eight-day trip to Australia for her entire studio audience aboard a


Qantas airliner. Travolta flew supplies and aid to Haiti after that country’s earthquake in 2010. In 2005, he helped raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina and, again, personally flew much- needed food and medical supplies to New Orleans.

Travolta and Preston are at the helm of charitable events in Florida, the greater U.S. and around the world, and have started the Jett Travolta Foundation. The foundation stands in memory of Travolta’s and Preston’s eldest son, Jett, who died in 2009 and raises money for a mix of charitable and educational causes that cater to the needs of children.

In turn, Travolta has received accolades for his work in aviation and his use of this skill set for philanthropic causes. He was awarded the 2003 American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Award for Excellence and The Living Legends Ambassador of Aviation award in 2007.

Travolta has sought to balance his career, family and social causes over the course of his lifetime, and keeping his own fleet of airplanes has made this equilibrium a reality for over 25 years. The Falcon family now has a part to play in this Hollywood story. Where many celebrities have used their status to chase lives of luxury, Travolta uses his access to promote the causes and brands he respects and patrons.

Flying has become a way of life and a way to give back. As travel has become commonplace in the life of a celebrity, and the world becomes easier to bridge with the onslaught of technology, Travolta’s own love affair with aviation harkens back to a time when air travel was an exclusive affair.

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