FutureBook Live 2018 Meet the speakers

Introducing The experts taking to the stage at the FutureBook Live

Seventy speakers will be sharing their expertise at this year’s FutureBook Live conference: here is everything you need to know about each of them ahead of the day

Ali Albazaz Inkitt

Ali is the founder and c.e.o. of Inkitt, the reader- powered book publisher. By using a sophisticated algorithm and the power of the crowd to measure reader engagement, Inkitt is able to identify potential bestsellers with a higher level of accuracy than traditional book publishers.

Tom Abba University of the West of England

Tom is a writer and artist whose practice addresses the form and content of both digital and physical books, alongside hybrid forms of the two. He is associate professor of art and design at the Univesity of the West of England, and since 2016 has directed the Ambient Literature research project.

Syima Aslam Bradford Literature Festival

Syima is the founder and director of the Bradford Literature Festival. In four years she has established the event as one of the most innovative, inspirational festivals in the UK, bring- ing together literature from around the world and across all genres.

Rupert Barclay Cairneagle


Rupert is an adviser on strategy, growth and performance improvement to schools, universi- ties and the companies that

supply them. He has been involved in EdTech since the Noughties, when he supported private equity investment in the sector; he also advised Promethean prior to its IPO.

Natasha Bardon HarperCollins

Natasha Bardon is publishing director of HarperVoyager, the science-fiction and fantasy imprint of HarperCollins. She also commissions for the publisher’s general fiction list.

Nick Barreto Canelo

Nick works where books and technology intersect. He is one of the co-found- ers of Canelo, and is its technology director. He’s managed and built mobile and web apps, and is an expert on e-book formats and book metadata, as well as workflows.

Meir Biton Storyball

Meir is the co-founder and chief product officer of Storyball, creator of the award-winning smart-toy of the same name that merges technology and storytelling to enhance children’s development in the real world. Meir is a tech-savvy multi-disciplin- ary designer, passionate about the meeting points of humans and machines. 09

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