FutureBook Live 2018 EdTech and PitchEd

EdTech looks ahead Academic field’s tech adoption discussed

Speakers at FutureBook’s EdTech stream of seminars and discussions will debate schools’ uptake of digital products, how AI, AR and VR could alter the sector, and compete in PitchEd


his year’s EdTech stream, part of FutureBook Live, is asking the big questions about education’s future,

publishing’s role in learning, and where technology enriches pedagogy. Kicking the session off is Kiera Newmark, deput director of the STEM and Digital Skills Unit at the Department for Education, who will provide an overview of the government’s thinking into how schools can beter get to grips with today’s learning platforms, and how publishers can usefully involve themselves. She will be followed by Rupert Barclay, partner at Cairneagle, an interna- tional strategy consultancy specialising in education, media and technology. He will analyse the opportunities in the burgeoning but challenged EdTech sector: Cairneagle contends that these markets are opening up to tech, new teaching models are being deployed and new businesses are seeking investment to deliver tech-led tools, but many old businesses are retrenching, with textbook publishers looking for ways to deliver their content in a more flexible and interactive way, while maintaining prices. Finally in the morning session, Rose Luckin of UCL Knowledge Lab is to provide an overview of how artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented and virtual realit (AR/VR), are being used in education. In her latest book, Machine Learning and Human Intelligence: The Future of Education for the 21st Century, Luckin offers clear-sighted recommendations for how educators can draw on what AI does best to nurture and expand our human capabilities. The event then focuses on two areas:

where tech is genuinely making a difference to educators and learners; and how markets outside the UK are more readily using EdTech. First up, at midday, is Techmate: Education and Technology, with speakers Dr Niels Peter

22 9th November 2018

Sir Anthony Seldon will talk about how the education sector is likely to feel the impact from the increased reliance upon AI within schools and universities

Thomas, chief book strategist at Springer Nature; Mathew Jones, vice-president of content acquisition and strategy at Perlego; Ahrani Logan, co-founder and c.e.o. of Peapodicit; and Ben Drury, co-founder and c.e.o. at Yoto. They will discuss the success stories, the possibilities and where the combination of technology with content is likely to pave the way for a seismic shiſt in the sector. Springer’s Thomas will showcase “360° Reading”, and question how this will alter our abilit to absorb text. He says: “In a VR environment, we show the reader many more pages at the same time, around their head. In order to read the full text, you need to turn around, 360°. We can prove that for some texts, this will again enhance our abilit to read faster and memorise quicker.”

Being critical Immediately aſter this panel, Mila Steele from SAGE will showcase how the publisher devel- oped Tom Chatfield’s Critical Thinking into an online course, an example of a publisher using


e-learning and digital student engagement to work out a “flipped learning package” where print and digital co-exist. The 2 p.m. panel, Around the World in

20 Ways: EdTech on the Road, will ask how EdTech is reshaping the international educa- tional marketplace, with some regions ahead of the UK in their willingness to embrace effective technologies. Speakers on this panel include Joseph Noble, head of partnership and innovation at Oxford Universit Press; Yaz El Hakim, director of learner experi- ence at Kortext; Svenia Busson, founder of LearnSpace and author of Exploring the Future of Education: A Journey through Europe’s Education Innovations; and Emma Rogers, founder of English-language teaching website The EdTech stream concludes with the ever-popular PitchEd, run by George Burgess of the EdTech Exchange, which will see the brightest start-ups in this space vie for a £1,000 prize and PR support from Mango Marketing. And last but definitely not least is our closing keynote, from Sir Anthony Seldon, co-author of The Fourth Education Revolution: Will Artificial Intelligence Liberate or Infantilise Humanit? In his talk, Seldon will talk about how the education sector is likely to feel the impact from the increased reliance upon AI within schools and universities.

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