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How are YOU helping your class with mindfulness and wellbeing?

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We took to Facebook to ask you what you were doing with your class to help them with mindfulness and wellbeing...

Zara Thorpe, Hillcrest Early Years Academy

“We did yoga last year which was absolutely fabulous. We’re planning on doing it again! Alongside some sensory stories, mindfulness colouring and other wellbeing related activities. It’s about everyone’s well-being!”

Like Reply Nicola Beavis, Holy Name Catholic School

“In class we use mindfulness clips from ‘ClassDojo’ and ‘GoNoodle’. The children loved them last year. We also had a whole school ‘Well-being Week’ where we invited parents in to join us too which included the ‘Daily Mile’, singing workshops, mindfulness taster for parents, outdoor classroom day, dancercise sessions. It was lovely to see pre-school children, parents and grandparents joining us, multi-generational fun and well-being. It was so well received that it will feature next school year too.”

Like Reply Ashleigh Cowan, Longstone Special School

“We make our faces from play dough each morning to show how we’re feeling and discuss why. It gives the teacher an insight into what’s going on with the pupils and helps them to be more considerate and thoughtful of each other.”

Like Reply Guy Sayles, Orchard Primary Academy

We’re training children as ‘mini life coaches’. Children undertake a 10 week coaching course and then they run peer help sessions with lots of activities related to relaxation and growth mind-set.”

Like Reply Amy Williams, Tidcombe Primary School

“In our school we’ve talked about ‘normal magic’ to boost children’s well-being and talk regularly about the 10 a day for mental health - take a break, stay busy in body and mind, be proud of yourself, talk about feelings, ask for help, stay hydrated, eat well, do something you enjoy, keep in touch with friends and family AND be kind to others. We link it in to our day at school where possible and the children make their own links as well.”

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