Answering the call, protecting staff against danger

Specialist Alarm Services, a specialist in staff attack and nurse call systems since 1981, will showcase it latest range of anti- vandal, anti-ligature, nurse and patient call points.

The company said: “Our staff attack alarm and patient / nurse call products have been developed to meet the requirements of modern healthcare and hospital environments, incorporating design features to address the everyday risks and threats that staff are now commonly subject to.”

The Red-Alert and Network II platforms are widely used throughout the UK and across Europe within mental health / secure units and psychiatric facilities, CAMHS units, public and private hospitals, care and residential homes, and medical/ health centres. SAS says both platforms ‘provide a reliable, robust solution’, offering ‘a proactive approach’ for staff and service-

A pioneer of privacy glass solutions

Vistamatic says it has been ‘pioneering privacy glass solution designs’ for over 40 years, with its panels used ‘in hundreds of hospitals and mental health facilities worldwide’. The company said: “Vistamatic products provide robust security, privacy, and protection in sensitive environments, allowing staff to observe patients safely without compromising their dignity.” The range includes vision panels designed with anti-ligature operation and features, along with reinforced glazing options.

users in the event of an emergency. It added: “We provide a one-stop solution; we design, manufacture, install, and maintain, your nurse call and staff attack alarm systems.”

Intastop to launch double swing hinge

Intastop, ‘a leader in the manufacture of products that protect doors, people, and places’, will showcase its latest product for use in mental healthcare settings, the Shrouded Double Swing Hinge.

The company explained: “The shroud encases the gears, which therefore eliminates pinch points, making it safe for fingers, and reducing ligature opportunities. It has been designed to allow the door a pivot greater than 90° in one direction, and greater than 180° overall in both directions, ensuring accessibility with speed and ease. The hinge is available in a variety of finishes, including anodised aluminium and wood effect.”

Intastop will also show

complementary products designed with anti-ligature in mind, including its new Anti-ligature Solid Wood Handrails, which boast antibacterial properties, and Door Top Alarm, and Aspex – a printed wall protection sheet that benefits from high-impact durability, and provides ‘clear, crisp imagery’ of digital printing.

From clinical storage to workspace planning

Stirling Medical & Scientific, which claims to have established itself as ‘the market- leader’ for clinical storage, fitted furniture, and IPS panel systems, has undertaken numerous healthcare projects throughout the UK over the past 20 years, supplying a full range of Systeméd HTM71 storage units, Controlled Drug & Medicines Storage solutions rigorously tested to meet BS2881 standards, and Virseal IPS panel systems.

The company ‘provides an end-to-end solution’ – from on-premises surveys, through to identifying workflow management, creating specified drawings,


manufacturing, and final installation and handover.

Alongside fixtures and storage solutions, Stirling now provides ‘a comprehensive project lifecycle package’. It says this enables clinical environments ‘to benefit from a range of efficiencies – from meeting and exceeding regulatory standards set out by the Department of Health, and encouraging better working environments for healthcare professionals via workspace planning, to reducing project costs by assisting architectural specialists and project managers at all phases of a project, including using BIM product libraries’.


Various design options are available on all products ‘so that the panels blend into the environment, creating a less institutionalised appearance’. Frames can be powder-coated to match surroundings, and integrated artwork incorporated ‘to provide soft aesthetics and aid wayfinding, without compromising on strength’. Vistamatic will show a selection of products, including the ‘all-new’ Vistamatic Clarity glazed privacy panels. The company also produces the BetweenGlassBlinds range of ‘fully integrated, maintenance-free Venetian and pleated blinds, hermetically sealed between two panes of glass’. The blind strings are securely concealed inside the glass units to ensure no ligature points.

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